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'Describe How the Travel and Tourism Industry Has Developed'

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'Describe How the Travel and Tourism Industry Has Developed' Overview Throughout this assignment, I will partly describe how the travel & tourism industry has developed into one of the largest businesses in the world. There will be information on package holidays and the evolution of them, the types of travel agents in existence (i.e. multiples, miniples, independents), and the difference between leisure and business travel agents. Next, I will include a PowerPoint Presentation of how air travel has advanced, taken the most important changes into consideration. This will basically be from the introduction of the first turbo-jet propelled aircraft (the Comet 1), stretching right through to the present day with the two duopolies of the aviation industry (Boeing and Airbus), and a thorough assessment of them. To finish with, a shorter piece on how other forms of transport (like rail and sea) have changed in the last 50 or so years will be put into my work, with a precise account of each. Images will also be included in great demand. Package Holidays A package holiday is a convenient, money-saving option that enables customers to book their vacation without the need of separate suppliers (like transport and accommodation vendors), and is in turn, more hassle-free, both for the consumer and the tour operator (the company who organise the holiday and recommends it to a travel agent who will decide to sell it depending on whether they think it will be profitable or not). ...read more.


A small handful of 30-40 seating coaches will be used for this reason, possibly no more than 15 in total. Booking is via telephone or visitation of the branch only, and never on the internet. Two examples are 'Travelbag Ltd.' and 'Meon Valley Travel', who make their profits by bookings mainly made from people over 50, looking for excursions for relaxation. Leisure versus Business Travel Agents The two only types of travel agents that have ever existed are leisure and business. Leisure travel agents are primarily found in shopping centres of towns and cities, and are there for customers to enjoy choosing their desired brochure holiday, and who are likely to need help/advice on components for their holiday. Business travel agents (sometimes reffered to as business travel management companies), handle the travel accounts of businessman. Business travellers tend to make the majority of their bookings by telephone or e-mail, so business travel agencies are not so visible on the high street, and may often be located in the clients' office. Developments in the Rail Industry Rail travel is sometimes seen as a popular alternative form of transport against sea or air travel, as frequent users may feel there is no need in paying more and sometimes the destination can be reached just as fast (frequent delays at airports and docks also back the idea). ...read more.


The Caribbean, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean are the U.K. tourists' main areas for cruising. In addition, fly-cruises are advantageous for many; the time taken to take a cruise from a U.K. port can save passengers numerous days if they first fly to near the cruising area, (an example would be Miami for the Caribbean), and then use a coach or taxi to be transferred to the cruise ship. Sometimes, customers may choose to travel by cruiseferry. This is a well-liked choice when using sea services, as this type of transport generally combines the luxuries of a cruise ship with the versatilities of a car ferry. The ships are often used by passengers for the cruise experience, and most will stay on the ship completely and possibly only debark at the destination port. Others use the ship as a means of transportation. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea of Northern Europe is mainly made use of by cruiseferry traffic. Nonetheless, the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic are used by these types of ships who travel across them. The term 'cruiseferry' was rarely used up until the late 1980s, when people began to notice vessels that had large cabins and public spaces, added together with their car and passenger-carrying capabilities that the expression came into mainstream language. The 'M.S. Colour Magic' is today's heaviest cruiseferry that weighs in at a total of 75,100 gross tonnes, operated by Colour Line of Norway. ...read more.

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