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Describing 4 p's

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Describe the 4 P's in relation to the selected organisation and show how they work together to meet the organisation's objective. Product McDonald's have a variety of products. However, customers do not only pay for the food when they visit a McDonald's restaurant. Lots of products are included in the price. A McDonald's product is not just about what they sell. The product is all about what the company puts its money on. The first product the customers pay for is the fast service because customers need not wait for a long time and staff should get their food out quickly. Quick service is part of the McDonald's product. Service also includes people who cook in the kitchen. Not only that the customers also pay for the cleaners to clean the restaurant and to keep it hygienic. McDonald's uses packaging to keep food, fresh, hot and light. McDonald's used polystyrene foam for packaging but now they use cardboard because it saves the environment and it's also can be recycled very easily. ...read more.


McDonald's are adding healthy products in their menu (including the Happy Meal) putting less salt in the food, less sugar in the drinks and desert and using less oil because of the healthy eating law. Another law that has changed is that TV advertisements for junk food aimed at kids, have been banned. The Big Mac and the hamburgers are the longest selling products. There are also products that change with season, weather or occasion, like the Mexican burger which might be on offer for some period but not all the time. McDonald's listens to customers' need because then customers will return to the restaurant. As customers wanted healthy food, McDonald's added more healthy products in their menu like salads, fruit drinks and water. The food now uses less salt and less sugar.To capture the customers' mood and change in their choices, McDonald's also conducts surveys on what products customers like or dislike.To meet the needs of different clients, McDonald's is bringing changes in their menu, including products for those customers who are vegetarian. ...read more.


The table stands fillers have dessert for customers to buy after they bought their meal. McDonalds also have tray fillers so they can read the nutrition and calories while they are eating their food. McDonald's use to put Disney toys in Happy Meals but as their contract ended they are not allowed to do that any more. McDonald's also give cinema tickets on the most likable movie by customers. Such promotions are popular and the movies get more viewers as well. McDonald's also got promoted during a James Bond movie where he goes to McDonald's and buys a meal. This way it attracts customers to buy more meals. McDonald's wishes to promote a image that people love. They use special events like major sport events, world cup Championships and Olympics games. The reason of this campaign is to attract new buyers and to keep old buyer coming again. For this, new products are provided, discounts are offered for lesser price and more quantity/items are added like drinks etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hassan Abbas (tm) Candidate number: 4000 Leisure and Tourism coursework ...read more.

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