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Did Marie Antoinette deserve her infamous reputation?

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Did Marie Antoinette deserve her infamous reputation? Marie Antoinette is one of History's most infamous figures. History has her painted as flirtatious spend-thrift adulteress, who participated in many promiscuous affairs and wasted an awful lot of money. However, beneath her depicted personality there is someone else entirely, a caring and devoted mother, but also a brave and courageous woman. Marie Antoinette was born to the great Austrian empress Maria Theresa on November 2, 1755. She was never expected to be a Queen; however, she was a pawn in a plan of her Mother's which involved marrying all her female children off to rich noblemen from other countries, in order to strengthen Austria's alliances. ...read more.


Whilst many of her subjects were starving, hungry and bedraggled, she consistently spent money, sometimes even money that she did not have. She was most famously recorded to have said 'Let them eat cake' when told about the hungry peasants, begging for bread, however she did not say that, for it was actually said by a Spanish princess a hundred years antecedent. She also failed for many years to produce an heir (through no fault of her own) and refused to tolerate the sillier traditions and people in the court at Versailles. However, she wasn't all that the pamphlets claimed her to be. She was not harsh or cruel, for she was a devoted mother with a loving and caring nature. ...read more.


The affair of the necklace was also a set so as to frame her again for doing something she didn't do. I believe that Marie Antoinette was a victim of bad timing. I also believe that she was used as a type of scapegoat, for at a time when everything was going wrong for France, the people longed for someone they could blame, and she seemed the perfect target. Most of the accusations made about her were either exaggerations or completely fake. Her reputation for infidelity and wastefulness was used by her enemies to infuriate the masses against the monarchy. It is not true that she was completely innocent, for she was an avid gambler and spender, and this may have had some effect on the economic downturn of France in the 1700's, however I do not believe that she deserved the degree of abuse and reputation that she received. ...read more.

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