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Do racist attitudes and behaviour exist within the English premier league and if so how can they be eliminated?

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Do racist attitudes and behaviour exist within the English premier league and if so how can they be eliminated? In my investigation, I will be exploring racist attitudes and behaviour within the premier league. The reason I chose this title is because I feel involved in the topic being and football fan myself, I would like to understand others opinions on the subject. My research will take two parts; I will conduct primary and secondary research. The primary research will be my collected data such as questionnaires I have created and handed out to English premier league football club fans on the subject. My secondary research will be previously gathered information that has been published on either the internet or in books or in newspapers and magazines. I predict that from creating this essay, my findings will show that racism attitudes and behaviour is a problem in the English premiere football league. I believe I will find that many fans are either insulted or humiliated by others attitudes at their teams club and so will result in some fans feeling unable to attend matches. I believe my results will prove that racism attitudes and/or behaviour is a serious problem and should be dealt with and wiped out from premier league football. What is racism? Discrimination of colour is known as racism. Discrimination and racism are present in all societies worldwide. They both exists in different capabilities such as school, work, and in the home. Much of the hate is expressed through the media as well. In sports, discrimination against those of colour will always be an ever-lasting presence. Sports have always been an arena for criticism, hatred and discrimination of certain groups or individuals. ...read more.


www.independent.co.uk/sport these sources, all taken from the independent newspaper, are partially reliable however may be false because newspaper articles are written and reported by one person and so it is their opinion not all facts. "Mar 30, 1998 - Mr Mellor said at the report's launch: "People in some parts of the game need to raise their awareness of what has to be done to make ethnic minorities feel welcome in English football. Racism is not a problem of football it is a problem of a wider society. Football is taking a lead" news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sport/football/71532.stm This source is reliable because it has been taken from the BBC news website and so all facts are true. Although they may have been exaggerated slightly, there will be no lies or untrue facts like newspaper articles because websites do no need to sell their stories. "Aug 23, 2000 - Emmanuel Petit believes that the root cause of former team-mate Patrick Vieira's problems in English football is racism. ... Petit left Arsenal for Barcelona in the summer and had a history of problems with referees himself. "When you see Patrick's dismissals, you can only ask yourself" news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football Again, like the above source, this one was also taken from the BBC website and so also has high reliability for the same reasons given above. My sources I was provided with, suggest otherwise, that racism is at a high level in English football in general. The quote "2001, Andy Cole was abused by England fans whilst playing England against France in Paris." This is clearly an intended racist action because the racist person was a fan of the team Andy Cole represented. Overall, my secondary research shows a clear problem with racism in English Premier League. All sources show racist events and opinions on the matter. ...read more.


This is what should be happening all around the world. Not just punishment for teams, but explanations and encouragement. People need to know that racism is wrong. It should be tackled form a young age, drilled into children's heads so that they know how to act and behave towards other races respectfully. Conclusion In my essay, I have shown that racism is a problem in English Premier League football, and also all around the world. I have shown events and problems on the subject and I have expressed that something must be done to prevent racism. I have answered and proven my own question: Do racist attitudes and behaviour exist within the English premier league and if so how can they be eliminated? My coursework proves that there is a racist problem in English Premier League football and internationally and that there are people and communities acting against racism to prevent future problems. Evaluation 1. What I did well I believe I have explained and evaluated international problems with racism and I also think I have collected the correct data needed for my primary research. 2. What I need to improve I need to improve my explanations on what can be done to stop racism and go into more detail of what can be done. 3. What I would do differently If I had the chance, I would go into more detail and depth of my secondary research sources and explain each one with full understanding of the source. 4. What my results suggest? My results clearly suggest that racism is occurring in football all around the world and actions are taking place to stop racism, although, not enough is being done as racism still occurs in football matches in Europe and other parts of the world. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Baxter Humanities coursework ...read more.

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