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Ellen - creative writing.

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Original Writing Coursework. Ellen Rudford was twenty three years old and lived in a tiny, shabby cottage in the small village of Goldwarren. All she ever wanted in life was to meet the man of her dreams, settle down and have children. So far, her life was not going exactly how she planned it. She always thought she'd make it big as a famous singer, but she never got the chance. Instead she was earning minimum wage working behind the bar at her local pub, and she hated it. The hours were long and the people that came in and went out were horribly unbearable. The men that drank in there were absolute thugs and the women, well they were complete tramps. Ellen wished that it was a much more classier place, where she could meet people and become friends with them, but let's face it, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon and there wasn't a chance in hell that she'd become friends with these greasy people. So every morning she'd wake up at nine o'clock, get ready for work and set off at a quarter to eleven. She would do the same thing at work everyday. She'd get there at eleven in the morning, serve the regulars, clean the glasses and then go home at eleven in the evening. ...read more.


"Oh." Ellen whispered quietly, "I'm ever so sorry, I didn't mean to..." "It's not your fault" Ryan interrupted, "You didn't know..." Feeling just a tad uncomfortable with the atmosphere following the conversation that they had just had Ellen was now determined to make it up to Ryan. Seeing as he wasn't from Goldwarren she decided to take him into the centre of the village. Even though there wasn't a lot for them to do in such a small place they still managed to have an enjoyable time. As they walked into a Starbucks Ryan ordered Ellen a Mocha and a Cappuccino for himself. They sat on opposite sides of a table in a quiet corner and just looked at one another. "You're the most prettiest being I've seen in a long time" he said looking straight into her eyes, and as he grabbed hold of her hands he asked her the question she had been dying to here. "Would you like to go out sometime?" Ellen looked over her shoulder for the hidden cameras, just in case she was being set up. Realising that Ryan was being serious she took a deep breath and inhaled the strong smell of coffee beans. ...read more.


Gabby yawned. "Oh. We're out of milk." Ellen said scratching her head. "Aha, can you hear that? That's the milkman. Right on time." As she said that her favourite song came on; Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Turning her iPod up to as load as it could she couldn't even hear herself think. But it didn't matter, Ellen had never been as happy as this before. So she went out to collect the milk from her doorstep but as she bent down she saw something in the road. She walked over there and picked it up and as she looked she saw the milkman in his milk float. "The milkman's waving at me" she thought. So she waved back. Gabby heard a thud from outside and some people calling for help. She went outside to see what was going on and the first thing she saw was Ellen lying on the floor in a pool of blood and milk. What Ellen didn't know that the milkman was telling her to move out of the way. A car was coming from the other direction and Ellen didn't here it and the people in the car didn't see her. Ellen was finally getting the dream life she had hoped for and then it was all too quickly taken away from her. ...read more.

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