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Ethnic Minorities

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Ethnic Minorities in US Politics Arfan Rauf Ethnic minorities are slowly becoming a more prominent group in US politics and lifestyle. It was only a year ago that the USA elected its first ever Black President. Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have all seen success in different ways and they have came far from the days of race discrimination and slavery. This essay will discuss to what extent Ethnic Minorities are under-represented in US politics. Blacks are represented in both branches of Congress; The Senate and the House of Representatives. In the Senate alone, there is one black candidate who represents the population and there has been one since 1993. In the House of Representatives however there are 39 black representatives which has increased and decreased in the past years, falling from its highest (42) in 2005. ...read more.


to 22. However Hispanics are extremely under-represented in proportion to their population which calculates that for there to be a fair representation, there should be 13-14 Senators not 2 and 59 members of the House of Representatives and not 22. Overall, similar to the Blacks, Hispanic representation has increased more so in fact than Blacks over the years but they are still several under-represented in US politics. Despite Asians being an extreme minority in the US in comparison with larger groups such as Blacks and Hispanics, they have still retained the same amount of numbers as both groups in the Senate. There have been 2 Asians within the Senate from 2001 - 2007. However Asians are also under-represented in the House of Representatives with there only being 4 members having dropped twice from 6 members. ...read more.


but Cubans are very supportive of the Republican party as they are generally a wealthier group than other Hispanic sub groups and support the low taxation and help for businesses policies. Overall, despite Ethnic Minority representation having increased in the past 10 - 15 years in Congress, all minorities are still under-represented in regards to overall representation based on the total population. However Ethnic Minorities have shown they hold a great influence in the voting system and provide for a substantial amount of the vote percentage with regards to who they vote for so it comes as a light warning to both parties that they should not be ignored or underestimated. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arfan Rauf - Higher Modern Studies ...read more.

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