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Exploring customer service in travel and tourism

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Exploring customer service in Travel and Tourism Kayleigh Moore Communication Skills. Good communication skills are a necessity for providing good customer service. When dealing with customers you have to provide them with excellent communication skills. These include being friendly, helpful and meeting the needs of everyone. To make sure you don't provide the customer with bad service, you cannot be rude, disorganised, show that you are bored or ignore your customer for any reason. By using good customer service, there is a good chance that your customer will re visit for future bookings and not refer to an opponent market. ...read more.


Presentation skills. The way you talk to your customers is extremely important. If you show lack of interest, flat pitch and boredness in your tone of voice, it can project the wrong impression to the customer making them want to take their business elsewhere. Yet if you show interest in your voice and actions, they will want to stay and use your services. Body language is just as important when talking to customers, the way you sit/stand and smile shows that you are happy to help. Body language isn't just important when talking to customers, it's just as important when giving talks, guiding, presenting, talking or even when talking formally or informally to a client. ...read more.


Ways of measuring customer service. All customers are different, each have different needs and wants for their holiday. For good customer service you need to identify the needs of the customer so that you can make sure their holiday is to how they wanted it. Take into consideration that everyone is different and that they will probably have different holiday interests. Such as, some customers may want a skiing holiday and others may want a winter sun holiday. Other customers such as business customers will want fast and efficient service with other services such as airport lounges, WI-FI and first class travel. It is important to get feedback off the customers so that you can find out how to improve things with your service. ...read more.

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