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Family Life and Generation Gap

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"The problems of fathers and children" Relations between parents and their children have always remained a very important problem in our society. Parents love their children; they try to do their best to make their children happy. Parents buy all things their children need, but sometimes it is very difficult, because they don't have enough money. So, parents do all their duties to bring up their loved "babies" and to give them a good education. And of course, some misunderstanding appears between parents and children. The problem is as follows. Parents always try to plan their children's lives. They choose clothes, school and even friends for their children. But children want to be independent; especially when they become older. But their parents still think they are children and continue to treat them as if they were small. It makes "children" cross and there can be quarrels in the family, because of over caring. On the other-hand there are a lot of families where parents don't attend to their children. Children need love and care, and if they are not looked after and have too much freedom they want to do something exciting and sometimes it can end badly. Old people are always saying that the new generation are not what they were. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true. It has never been truer than it is today. The young are better educated; they have a lot more money to spend and enjoy more freedom. ...read more.


In general, each generation is keen to become independent of parents in establishing its own family unit. Relationships within the family are different now. Parents treat their children more as equals than they used to, and children have more freedom to make their own decisions. The father is more involved with bringing up children, often because the mother goes out to work. Increased leisure facilities and more money mean that there are greater opportunities for the individual to take part in activities outside the home. Although the family holiday is still an important part of family life (usually taken in August, and often abroad) many children have holidays away from their parents, often with a school party or other organized group. People say that children today grow up more quickly. The law sometimes makes this possible. For example, at the age of 13 children can be employed part-time: most of the young people in England who are still at school and over seventeen try to get a job at the post-office at Christmas. The boys deliver and sort parcels and the girls sort the letters. And children who are younger take a holiday job in a shop, shops always have too much work to do at Christmas and like to have extra help from schoolgirls. At the age of 14 children are allowed in bars but not to drink alcohol. Every child who (come of age) reached the age of 15 called legally a 'young person' not a 'child'. ...read more.


And what can you answer if you just want to start work. Many children don't have an opportunity to have good education because they have to begin working at the moment they finished school. As in England young people get married after the age of 18 without parents' consent. And the time when they get married depends on what social lay they belong to. VOCABULARY to quarrel - ????????? to attend - ?????????? vividly - ????????? to precede - ?????????????? to assume - ???????????? question - (??.) ???????? precisely - ??????, ????? complacency - ????????????????? to bear accountability - ????? ??????????????? aspiration - ?????????? to conduct - ?????, ?????????? labelled - ?????????????, ???????? option - ????? boredom - ?????, ????? to crave - ???????? ??????, ????????? continual - ??????????? feedback - ???????? ?????, ???????? ??????? to desire - ??????? peer - ???????? inherently - ?? ????, ?????? ???????? to tolerate - ?????????, ????????? ambiguity - ????????????????, ????????? multiple - ????????? suspicious - ????????????, ?????????????? corporate ideology - ????? ????????? (?????????????) to loathe - ??????????, ?? ?????? semidetached house - ?????????????? ???, ??????? ????? ????? ? ???????? ????? suburb - ???????, ???????? scattered - ????????????? ?? ?????????? ???? ?? ?????, ???????????? reunion - ??????? ????? ???????, ????????????? keen - ??????????? to treat - ?????????? ? ????-?. ???-?. leisure - ????? facilities - ??????????? opportunities - ????????????? ??????, ??????????? parcel - ???????, ????????? consent - ???????? entirely - ?????????, ?????????? to provide for - ?????????? to live on - ?????? to afford - ????????? ???? burglar - ???-????????; ?????? ????????? pity - ???????, ????????? ...read more.

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