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Fashion - English Discursive Essay

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English Discursive Essay By James Rowson 11H Fashion. Fashion has played an important role human life since the beginning of time, when prehistoric man first donned the beginnings of the fur coat, and from that day forth, has been an ever-present feature of day to day life. I believe that although fashion never made claims for itself, it nevertheless is an important influence on what we wear and what we think. Fashion is part of the social world we inhabit; we are surrounded by shops which sell it, and we judge one another by it. Fashion has become a huge industry in modern day times. The emergence of enormous billion dollar companies and brand labels such as Versace, Polo, Levi's and Armani are testament to this. ...read more.


Everyone in life wants to be accepted, as shown in Mazlow's Heirarchy of Needs, the need of acceptance is one of a human being's most prominent requirements. By wearing the latest fashion, people feel accepted, but are trapped in the black hole of unoriginality and the loss of individuality. One of the more worrying and disturbing factors of fashion is the health risk. Catwalks show the public the main fashion trends with a lot of exaggeration. When such larger-than-life outfits face real life they not only look ridiculous, but can be very harmful. A model wearing a pair of eight inch heels on the ramp is not the same as a regular person wearing them on the streets. ...read more.


The element of fashion affects the economic system and the society of people. Fashion is more than a light-hearted issue; it is a global industry, one of the largest in the world . There is so much money involved with fashion that it has become a very serious and crucial part of our society. People all want to conform, so they go along with the rules of the current fashion, and like lemmings, some will even pursue it to their death. Fashion never made great claims, but it has become a huge subject nevertheless. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment. ...read more.

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