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Film Review - The Dark Knight

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BIGGER. BETTER. BADDER If you thought Batman Begins was amazing, just wait until you see this. At the start of Dark Knight, Batman (Christian Bale) is doing his usual thing: ridding the city of Gotham of the classic petty crime. But when a new criminal mastermind known as The Joker (the late Heath Ledger) comes into the picture, he must join forces with new District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman). The Joker quickly propels Gotham into anarchy and pushes Batman closer and closer to the line that differentiates a hero from a vigilante. With a plot such as this, good acting is needed in order for it to be effective. And the actors in Dark Knight were right on spot. Christian Bale gave another superb performance as our masked hero and suave billionaire. And as a bonus: even when fighting he managed to be as cool and macho as ever. Whoever the casting director was, I would like to give them a high five. Why? Because they hired Maggie Gyllenhaal and dropped Katie Holmes like a hot potato. Holmes was the only weak spot when it came to the acting in Batman Begins, but Maggie delivered a much better performance as Rachel Dawes in Dark Knight. ...read more.


Although the lighting in Begins was very dark in terms of lighting, the Dark Knight continued with this theme, and excelled the meaning of darkness through the plot. Christopher Nolan (the director) was definitely going for some intense cinematography this time around as well. Every explosion/chase/fight had its own aesthetic quality to it, making it look truly like a piece of art. An example of this would be the scene that has constantly been shown in the trailers: all of the police are standing in the street and suddenly disperse. The uniformity of the colours combined with the random directions and paths of their dispersal made a beautiful scene. It is the little cinematography tricks like these that separate an average action movie from an amazing one. And it goes without saying, but the special effects were amazing. Even at the end with a certain unexpected guest...I am being cryptic on purpose, as I do want you (Yes you reading this very word.) to go and watch the film twice at least. By yourself. While Dark Knight may have been brighter lighting wise compared to its predecessor, it trumped it in grimness. There was more death and more despair, but isn't this what we love about Batman? ...read more.


saddened by the state of Gotham and by loss, and you will be angered at the cruelty of some of The Joker's actions. The Dark Knight truly is an emotional rollercoaster, which is not always typical for a "superhero" type movie, but most of this comes from the character Batman himself. He is much more complex than your average superhero, which sometimes makes it harder for writers and the production team to do the character justice on the big screen, but Nolan delivered exactly what was needed to live up to this. Ok I am getting tired, so I am just going to get to my point. Dark Knight was grand. It was everything a superhero movie should be and more. It lived up to the DC comics' story that it was born from and it is definitely worth seeing more than once. If you did not see the midnight showing, you missed out. There is always something different about the atmosphere and energy at a late night showing. People in my Screen were clapping throughout. But really, please get off Facebook or whatever you are doing and make your way to the cinema if you haven't already. Thank you and goodnight (finally). Empire - "absolutely amazing," IGN - "Nolan's work of art is finally shown" 10/10 11/10 ?? ?? ?? ?? But why so serious? ...read more.

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