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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Creative Response "Whose woods these are I think I know, His house1 is in the village though, He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow." And then I saw it. As the Great Apawi2 dropped away from the earth and its last rays of light faded away, blanketing the land in gentle darkness so that nothing but the soft white snow fluttering down from the star-sprinkled Mahpiya3 could be seen; a sudden fiery flash illuminating the world around me for a split-second, and then it was gone again, like a lightning strike but more fearsome- like witchcraft. I was startled. And it couldn't just have just been me because my horse, Hpala Huyaku4, stumbled backwards disconcertedly down the hillside and battled to regain his grip on the thin layer of snow beneath us as I smoothed the sides of his head to calm him. I swung my legs across his back and jumped off into the snow. Clamping his mouth shut and telling him to be quiet, I ran up to the hilltop and got down on my chest, the freezing snow pressed against my face, melting and trickling down side of my neck and underneath the warmness of my Tatanka-Ha5 coat. ...read more.


Hpala was one of their prize horses; a tiny, yet fierce and brave fighter with unbelievable stamina and strength. My father traded much to get this horse, which I had chosen and thus Hpala was given to me after my ceremony of adulthood at the age of 16. Three days followed when suddenly a massive revolt tore apart the very founding fibres of our tribe. We were a family loyal to our leader, however many of the tribe members believed we had a great chance of destroying and conquering more land and more tribes. Our tribe leader, Wasake Hi8, was a legendary figure renowned for peace. He refused the demands of these people; tension grew until finally they could not stand it any longer. To satisfy their violent needs they began brutally murdering all tribe members who remained loyal, stealing my horse which was out with the others at the time. We were some of the few lucky people from our village that escaped. I remember watching the ensuing destruction of my home and entire village, many of my neighbours, friends and hunting partners who I had grown up with. ...read more.


All I wanted to do was rest, just for five minutes, watch the moon rising. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep." Sounds of evil destruction surround me. The men must have caught up with us- all my hard work for nothing. Three days riding for nothing. My village, rebuilt and once again going up in flames. There's nothing the Sioux can do for us now. We're finished. Gone forever, and I'm here, resting? The friends I had spent many years making after the loss of my childhood ones are gone again; I may well be the last of this village. Why did the fate of this village fall upon me? Perhaps the world knew I was up to it. But perhaps the world also has a cruel sense of humour and knew that I would not resist resting just as I was so close to the village. There is nothing I can now do. I must run, and keep running till I can't stop. I must survive. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1House=Tipi 2Sun 3Sky 4Wet or Soggy sock 5Buffalo skin 6Angry river 7Farm=Woju Oti 8Strong Tooth ...read more.

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