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Gattaca Essay

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Belonging is the physical, psychological, or spiritual acceptance of an individual and others into an existing entity. The journey towards ones state of belonging is inevitably dynamic. Ones identity, individuality, and uniqueness often dictate where and what group one belongs with. Many would consider that we as human beings have a strong need to belong and to be accepted in a certain group. This need is a natural fundamental human motivation, an expression of our humanity, that is established everywhere in each person with very few exceptions. It is true that trouble can take place and unpleasant things can come about because of these groups, but the advantages far outweigh the costs. These groups that people form among themselves often provide as a shelter for the lonely, for this reason it is natural for people to go far out of their way if necessary to belong to a particular crowd. Research has revealed that positive relationships and a good feeling of belongingness can have a very positive impact on physical health, whilst ostracism and feeling of loneliness can literally make people physically sick. ...read more.


Whereas those who are genetically engineered to perfection before birth become the elite class who are termed "valid", in which success is almost guaranteed. Andrew Niccol uses plenty of production techniques to prove his point and ideas about a futuristic world where they "have discrimination down to a science", such as camera shots, editing, lighting, sound effects, and colour filters, used create a state of inhumanity and discomfort. Belonging can mean the assignation of an identity, an act involving being pigeonholed, stereotyped, or positioned within a certain group as a result of societal assumptions. (Re: Area of Study: Belonging Bobness, par.3) This is confirmed within Gattaca where the element of deception is revealed at the begging of the film as we see microscopic views of excess flakes of skin, hair and nails, which ironically look like snow, and pieces of lumbar to the viewers. These microscopic close-ups are done alongside cold and haunting music that could be interpreted as being suspenseful thus creating a sense of uneasiness and deception, with a loud exaggeration of sounds when the nails and hairs hit the surface. ...read more.


A great deal of human behaviour, emotion, and thought is caused by a lack of belongingness. (CiteUlike irinas (public note), par.1) This is exposed in Gattaca throughout the scene in which Vincent and his mother are being assisted out of a pre-school (his mother had a tendency of over reacting to every skinned knee and common cold.) Gates and doors are constantly slammed shut in Vincent's face because he lacked the genetic make-up, which was preferred for pre-schools. The viewers witness a Close-up Shot of a gate being shut in Vincent's face as he reaches out and grabs it. This Close-up Shot and sound effects of the gate echoing as it shuts, symbolises Vincent's sense of isolation, and need to belong as he is not able to attend pre-school because they are not insured with his potential condition. This is Negative because he was conceived naturally and cannot control his "condition". It can be exemplified throughout the Film Gattaca by Andrew Niccol, that the means of belonging to a socially approved group can overcome logic and decency. ...read more.

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