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GCSE Citizenship - Cancer Research UK

Extracts from this document...


GCSE Citizenship Studies 3280 (Short Course) Paper 2: Participating in Society Internal Assessment Front Sheet Centre Name & Number The Long Eaton School 2 3 2 3 8 Candidate Name & Number Sanjeev Bhardwaj 9 9 5 6 Candidates may continue on a separate sheet if necessary for any of the following sections. Separate sheets should be attached securely to this form and should clearly list the centre name and number and the candidate name and number, and the section for which the separate sheet has been completed. Description of citizenship activity Describe how you participated in a school or community based activity. The activity was; * School based * Community based * Work experience based a. Describe the activity We had a stall selling cakes and wristbands. All money went to the LAF charity (Lance Armstrong Foundation.) I went out myself to buy the cakes with my own pocket money, We sold the cakes and wristbands, and we set up a stall and sold the cakes and the bands. We rose as much as we targeted �22.78 we were very happy with this figure and we also raised �100 from one hundred wristbands. In my group there were two activities we were doing by Selling Items for charity. They were for the LAF who are a part of the Cancer research UK. My activity was the cake and wristband sale (with Liam Robinson and Robert Farmer.) We raised exactly �22.78 by the cake sale. The Wristband was one pound each and the cakes were twenty pence each. The cakes were plain fairy cakes from the Tesco superstore; we bought some chocolate sprinkles and icing to decorate the cakes, as this was an original idea. We asked the customer for their initials and then wrote them on with the icing. The wristbands were shipped in from America, which is why the wristbands arrived a bit later than the cakes. ...read more.


We did this activity outside the staff room and we sold all our items for the charity and this promoted our project as we were aiming to be good citizens and our whole projected supported citizenship. We needed evidence in our project too to show the examiner that we put in as much effort as we could to make a difference by not just randomly choosing any charity and activity but o think about the charity and how the activity would promote us in being good citizens for the LAF charity and how it linked with our citizenship project. Our project consisted of: Appendix 3 booklet, action planning grids, posters, advertisements, letters sent and received, brainstorms, leaflets, questionnaires, PowerPoint presentations, research on the internet and library books, notices, photographs were taken, evaluations, timelines, action logs, written and visual evidence, etc. All this was part of my final product of the paperwork as you will see later on and this provides you with evidence, information and for which charity and why. In my case the charity I help raise funds for was the Lance Armstrong Foundation. All of the project was to see how an activity can change your life and make you a better citizen for the whole of this country and not just the people you have helped in particular and this is what citizenship is all about. Our group's project showed how an activity can relate to our whole project of citizenship and how it makes you part of it in a good supportive way for everyone. The sheets I produced in the project mentioned above were all made to show the examiner what charity I supported and why. This was because we needed to show we actually put in effort in trying to be a good citizen by knowing the inside meaning of the project which was to help be a good citizen by raising money for a good cause knowing were your money is going and how it is going to help. ...read more.


charity with the best of my personal effort and I didn't compare myself with others this made me work reciprocally and in a more mature manner as I corrected my own mistakes instead of my teacher helping me out and we had to work together in a mature and professional manner. We also had advertised them before hand so that way we had more customers. This helped us very much. In general the activities went well and helped us to raise money so that we could make a difference to other people's lives. Overall I think we contributed a great deal of our time to help others, and we made a real difference to a family somewhere with cancer. I also believe the money raised will help in curing patients with cancer. I think that raising money for the LAF project has really changed me. The way I look at charities has completely changed after seeing what kind of a difference they make to other peoples lives and how much they take time out to help. I think I also have done well and have worked hard throughout the GCSE and helped make a difference to others. If we were to do this again I would have put in more effort and tried to raise at least �50. I also would have done more activities to raise money for the scheme. I would also have been more organised and planned things in more detail and planned ahead. Most of this I had already done but if I did this again I would have done them more earlier on so that way I could be relaxed and take things in my stride. Generally I consider that we have done a great job in being great citizens and have made contributions to other people's lives and sacrificed our time to help them. I feel glad we have contributed for others who are less fortunate than us, and we hope to do the same in the future. ...read more.

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