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Gladiator Film Review

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Gladiator [2000] Review Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" is an excitingly attractive action movie. Based back in the times of the Roman conquerors, Russell Crowe is on top form as he plays the roman army general, Maximus, who is then captured by Proximo (Oliver Reid) and taken in for slavery. He is then chosen to be a gladiator, and that is where his new forced career begins. A great film for all Thriller fans, with lots of sword fights, and bloody battles to keep your adrenaline pumping right the way through. Back in Rome, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) is gradually becoming more and more powerful. However, there are still a few people who are able to undermine his dictatorship, including his own sister Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) ...read more.


Unforgiving of the pain and suffering inflicted upon himself and his family, Maximus sees the games as a perfect opportunity for revenge, and to help get the right leaders in to power in Rome. During the many fighting scenes in this part of the film, the film language is mostly similar. There is lots of lighting coming from the sky, and the main actors in the centre of the arena (Maximus, his opponent) and watching from reserved positions (Commodus, Lucilla, Proximo) and many added extras sat around the arena in the public seats cheering them on. The sound is mostly Diegetic, with many sound effects added in. ...read more.


Overall, I think that Gladiator has been put together really well to create a fantastic blockbuster. I really like how they have created a roman atmosphere for the film in a modern day world. This film is perfect for most Russell Crowe fans, and people who enjoy films based on ancient history. I would also recommend the DVD with extras to all people who enjoy seeing how the film was made in detail, and to people who are interested to see what the people who were involved in the making of the film think of it. For all you movie lovers, "Gladiator" is the ticket. Let the games begin! ...read more.

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