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Global Warming Must be Reduced

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Robert Frazette Professor Deady Bus 202n-115 April 21, 2008 Global Warming Must Be Reduced There is substantial evidence that global warming is a significant problem on our planet today. Global warming is one of the most serious problems known to man. Scientists must study the causes of global warming and people need to do what is possible to curb it now before it is too late and the damages caused become irreversible. Global warming can be defined as the average increase in the Earth's air, water, and ground surface temperatures due to high amounts of pollution and green house gases. America must address global warming now, because if we do not it will worsen until it is out of our control. If it become uncontrollable, then the world as we know it now could come to an end. There are a number of causes of global warming, such as emissions from transportation, energy used to support our lifestyles, recreational activities, and many other surprising factors. Global warming is real and must be restrained today! There are some people who believe that global warming is not a big deal and will not affect our everyday life style. ...read more.


It also showed the dangers of how, if we were unprepared or ill-informed, global warming would cost us many human and animal casualties. There are many simple things we can do to help prevent global warming. One thing is to conserve electricity. When leaving a room, even for five minutes, shut off the lights, fan, TV, computer, and stereo so you don't waste unused electricity. Also, florescent light bulbs use about 77% less energy and last ten times longer than regular light bulbs. These electric saving tips will help the environment and save money on electric bills. Another helpful thing is to conserve gasoline. The average driver contributes 3.8 tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. If drivers make changes such as driving less, speeding less, car pooling, and driving a gas-friendly car, drivers can significantly lower average carbon emissions. This tip will also save you a lot of money in gas each year. In addition, recreational activities that do not involve electricity or gas will help the environment. Things such as playing a sport outside, riding a bike, or going swimming are enjoyable activities that are good for the environment and good for your health. ...read more.


The results tell you your carbon footprint, your country's average footprint, the world's average footprint, and the world's target footprint. Surprisingly the average U.S. citizen generates an average of 20 tons of carbon per year, while the world's average is 5 tons of carbon per year. This clearly shows that our country needs to cut back on carbon emissions. Given the possible consequences of ignoring the effects of global warming, it would seem sensible to be on the side of caution. Global warming affects the entire Earth. If nothing is done to reduce it to a safer level, scientists are unsure what havoc it will reek in the near future not to mention the distant future. Moreover, global warming needs to be combated by government policies or restrictions. Every person doing his own small part to reduce carbon emissions will be an immense step in the fight against global warming. This could be a decision to carpool to work or to drive a fuel efficient car to become more energy efficient. Simple recycling can help. Everything that is done by you to help save the environment will also save you money. This just goes to show you that each individual can make a difference and do his part in reducing global warming. If the Earth is to survive, global warming must be restricted! ?? ?? ?? ?? Frazette | 1 ...read more.

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