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God so loved the world

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LINE OF AUTHORITY 01.06.2008 Crawley DATE PLACE Divine Priesthood My Authority from God Prepared for SHAUN THOMAS REILLY who was ordained an ELDER by John Joseph Gaule, a High Priest. JOHN JOSEPH GAULE, was ordained a High Priest on the 24 January 1993, by William S. ...read more.


McKay. BERNARD P. BROCKBANK was ordained a High Priest July 19, 1942 by Joseph F. Merrill. JOSEPH F. MERRILL was ordained an Apostle October 8, 1931 by Heber J. Grant. HEBER J. GRANT was ordained an Apostle October 16, 1882 by George Q. ...read more.


Joseph Smith, Jr., Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, to ordain the Twelve Apostles. (History of the Church, Vol. 2, pp. 187-188.) JOSEPH SMITH, JR. and OLIVER COWDERY received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829 under the hands of Peter,James and John. PETER, JAMES and JOHN were ordained Apostles by the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 15:16.) ...read more.

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