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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations 1. Chapter 8 has a massive impact on the rest of the novel and characters lives. In this chapter both Estella and Miss Havisham make Pip aware of his status and as he gets older he wants to change alot and he starts to look down on people who as a child helped him alot and were very close to him. They both treat Pip in a terrible manor as Miss Havisham wants Estella to break Pips heart. Pips feelings for Estella also affects his adult life because he wants to impress her so by the way she treats him she also encourages him to want a better life and to become a gentlemen when he grows up. Estella is very mean to Pip during his childhood but this doent stop from loving Estella. As a child Pip is very scared of Miss Havisham by the way she looks and the way she acts as she doesnt move from the one room and she is very stubborn ...read more.


Estella is also upper class you can tell this because she is very well spoken and aslo the way she acts. Pip is lower class as his family do not make much money and also were he lives and the way he is dressed and how he speaks. Class is one of the main issues of "Great Expectations" as it is brought up alot during the novel. 'she saw me looking at it and said 'You could drink without hurt all the strong beer thats brewed there now, boy.' 'Ishould think i could, Miss' i said in a shy way'. You can tell by this quote from the novel that both Pip and Estella do not share the same status by the way they talk to eachother as Estella talks to Pip in a very straight forward manner. 4. Dickens uses excellent words to describe either a character or a scene in th novel. ...read more.


The way Estella talks to Pip could also be used to create pathos because some of the things she says could be put across in a funny way. The way Pip is describing Miss Havisham in the story is another use of pathos also because he compares her to waxwork at the fair and skeletons. 7. In the novel you feel sympathetic towards Pip because of the way he gets treated not just by Estella but his sister treats him in a nasty manor also. Pips background also refelects on his character as he doesnt have much money because his parents died when he was a little boy so he lives with his sister Mrs Joe and Joe. Miss Havisham and Estella treat Pip very nastily this is were class and status comes into the story alot and this is were you start to feel very sorry to Pip as when he gets into The Manor House he cant seem to do anything right. ...read more.

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