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Health and Safety In a workplace

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Health and Safety In a workplace I have chosen two work places to compare in my health and safety investigation. First one is in my school, and my second workplace is in St James medical centre. I wrote up a questionnaire about health and safety to give to both of my workplaces. An employee in this place will fill out the questionnaire to see how much they know about their work place. Firstly both my workplaces do know the evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency or a fire. Waste Materials: Each workplace uses different methods of disposing of their waste materials. The workplace has special bins for unsafe waste and the school uses the sinks or black bags because it is usually not harmful waste thrown away if it is then it is disposed appropriately for the type of martial of substance. ...read more.


Firstly keep in touch with all there friends that they made from university on websites such as Facebook, MySpace and others like that as well as the chat programs e.g. MSN and others. Secondly using it to find jobs and to start to look for cars and houses school the students can use the switches and the equipment under supervision the teacher has control of the safety switches and the circuit breakers in each lab. The workplace has a rule that only qualified elections are allowed to touch the equipment. Prevent fire: Each workplace is smoke free to insure no fires caused by that. The school has gas cut of switches if the fire was caused by gas to stop the building blowing up. ...read more.


Tesco, Sainsbury and ASDA. there is know effects to the environment because there are such few hazards chemicals and if there was then they would be so few medical centres w that it wouldn't make any differences. Hazard chemicals: Each work place does use chemicals the medical centre has correct training for individuals that are handling them and also monitoring of using them too. The school has fume cupboards are used in the labs ands correct storage. Each chemical is clearly labelled how bad it is also they have fire proof cabinets. None of my work places use any biological hazards. First aid: In the medical centre there are doctors and qualified nurses in the case of emergency first aid. In the school there is about 7 teachers qualified in first aid, ...read more.

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