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Health and Safety in sport

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Report There are lots of different types of injuries that can occur during sports. It is important that there is help nearby to minimise the injuries. A lot of them are quite common and can be treated with no long term damage. Common types of injuries Over use injuries Dislocation Fractures- Open and Closed Strains Sprains Grazes Bruising Blisters Some of the injuries are more serious though and are not very common, like concussion and spinal injuries. Environment * Debris on the playing surface Rubbish/Debris on the gym surface is very dangerous because the people participating in the activity could fall/slip on the rubbish and injure themselves. If people fall they could break their arm. To minimise risk you should make sure that there are rubbish bins all around the gym so that people aren't tempted to throw rubbish on the floor. There should be monitors who go around and check the gym floor every few hours for litter. You should also warn that if people are spotted throwing litter that they will be fined and if they are caught doing it again there should be more severe consequences in place. * Adequate lighting or ventilation * Adequate lighting and ventilation needs to be provided. If it's too dark and no one can see what they are doing it isn't safe as people could bump into each other especially if it is a high contact activity such as sprinting and hurt themselves. ...read more.


People * Inappropriate warm up / lack of warm up * Research on warm-ups and stretching has shown the warm-up to be the most important factor in preventing injury! It is designed to gradually increase blood flow. It prepares the body for exercise. It mentally prepares person for the activity ahead. If you don't warm up you could pull a muscle. You should warm up for about 10-15minutes and the warm up should be sport/activity specific. If you do weights and lift a very heavy weight it you could pull a muscle, the weight that you carry needs to be gradually increased. You should always get your body used to whatever you are about to do, you should allow for adaptations in your body to occur. Benefits of a warm up * Allows joints to move more efficiently * Dilation of capillaries * Enables the oxygen in the blood to travel at a higher volume * Release of adrenaline * Increased heart rate * Increased production of synovial fluid located between the joints to reduce friction * Increase of temperature in the muscles * Decreased viscosity of blood * Enables oxygen in the blood to travel with greater speed * Facilitates enzyme activity * Encourages the dissociation of oxygen from haemoglobin * Decreased viscosity within the muscle * Greater extensibility and elasticity of muscle fibres * Increased force and ...read more.


His muscles will be worked very heavily when they are cold and this could lead to injuries such as muscle tearing. Although football is a very long and intense game so the risk of him sustaining an injury is very low. because general running and exercise can't cause injury. A heavy tackle could cause injury in football. A tackle could cause a fracture. Defenders usually do more tackling than other players and strikers are usually the victim of the tackle. A tennis player who has played too many tennis matches in a short period of time, and this in turn causes them to suffer from tennis elbow. Lots of matches without rest can place additional stress on the elbows. This will be a medium risk because tennis players will be coached professionally but this can just happen to tennis players over the course of time. Equipment A person on the treadmill wearing very baggy clothing. Clothes that are too baggy can get trapped or caught in the treadmill. It could get trapped on the treadmill belt. While he/she is running he/she could fall and injure themselves. You need to wear appropriate clothes. This is a medium risk. A small child who is just learning how to swim with faulty armbands. The child will have a lot of difficulty learning how to swim or progressing their swimming skills further This is a very high risk because the child can could themselves because armbands don't help them to float. ...read more.

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