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Do we act morally to benefit others or do we act morally to help ourselves? Do we act morally to benefit others or do we act morally to help ourselves? Does an individual act only according to their own interests? Can an individual ever truly act for others in complete disregard for their own interests? Is it true individuals seeking their self-interests would gladly forgo their efforts to help another if they could be satisfied in some alternate way? I believe that our actions are often promoted by our self-interests. In this essay I will argue that people are really acting in regards to their self-interest, even when they appear to not be acting selfishly. If we reflect on our own lives and the lives of our friends, we can conclude the many acts of self-interests. ...read more.


She quickly recognized that him taking her to lavish dinners, and offering companionship to local places was all in his concealed purpose to seduce her. The male companion was acting as though he was only concerned with her happiness during her vacation. He behaved as though he was doing her a favor and it not out of any desire of his own. In reflection to our own lives, it is true that everyone recognizes they are frequently motivated to promote self-interests. For instance, I attend college not to satisfy someone else or go just because it is the right thing to do after highschool, yet to obtain a degree. By obtaining a degree, I will be able to fulfill the requirements necessary to pursue a career of my interest. In the duration of my college attendance I find myself to make friends to study with and talk to. ...read more.


It was her self-interest to be of great moral character that gave her the satisfaction when she aided people. She demonstrates that even if in individual is helping others, it is something that was motived by the satisfaction she gained by being a person of great moral character. Of course, societies benefit from moral behavior like that of Mother Theresa, and societies seek to eliminate or reform those who do not behave morally. However, individuals can also benefit from behaving morally. One who acts morally is satisfied by the realization that he/she is moral. If every member of a society behaved morally and every member received an individual benefit, our society would then benefit as a whole. We all would benefit from the fullfillment of the actions that serve our self- interest. All in all, individuals act morally to benefit society and also act morally to benefit themselves. ...read more.

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