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Hist coursework

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Question 1 In London in the late 19th Century Law and Order had evolved dramatically from previous periods in London's history. Before a police force had been set-up, London's streets would've been protected by Justices of the Peace, as the streets would've been patrolled by watchmen. This stale system, which had been used for centuries, was starting to be dismantled, as police forces such as the "Bow Street Runners" and the Thames River Police were set up early in the 19th Century. These forces though were unable to cope with large disturbances such as riots, which would be extinguished by the army instead as the police found it difficult to control the population that had swolen up to 1.5 million by 1829. This increase in crime caused action to be taken as Robert Peel set up the Metropolitan Police Force in 1829. At first the force found it hard to gain acceptance from the public who distrusted the officers and the way in which officers handled the riots caused the working-class to think the force was bias to the middle-class. ...read more.


Instead of being places of severe punishment jails were seen as a place of rehabilitation. The Judicial System by the late 19th Century hadn't changed much, with cases only lasting few minutes and the system in general being a bit shabby. Generally the punishments given out were more justified in the late 19th Century, as previously you could serve 10 years imprisonment for stealing a loaf of bread. In conclusion Law and Order in London was forced to improve under the threat of Law and Order collapsing under the Industrial Revolution. Question 2 The Whitechapel murders attracted a lot of attention in 1888 due to many factors surrounding the nature and timing of the murders. Arguably the most significant reason why the murders attracted so much attention is the way the media covered theses ghastly crimes that occurred on the streets of Whitechapel. They reported the horrific methods the ripper used to kill and mutilate his victims. The media would often exaggerate these details of the Whitechapel murders, as they knew that by creating terror they would sell more papers. ...read more.


The police forces controlling the investigation also caused the murders to receive attention, as they used what was seen as unique and unusual methods. They installed bloodhounds on the streets and made police officers dress up as prostitutes in an attempt to discover new leads. As you can imagine the press relished these stories. The police would plead openly to the public for any information regarding the murders. The huge attention spent on the murders by the Metropolitan Force caused the public to bring their attention to the murders as well. The police seemed to be unsuccessful in catching the ripper and this left an irresistible puzzle to remain. This puzzle intrigued those in 1888 considerably, as new conspiracy theories were made all the time and masses of information regarding the murders was plastered around everyone, but still nobody had any answers despite incredible efforts to do so. In conclusion the Whitechapel Murders attracted a huge amount of attention due to the uniqueness of the crimes taking place on the streets of the East End. Consequently people in 1888 stood up and took notice of the murders, becoming more and more obsessed with them each time the ripper struck. ...read more.

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