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How to be safe while using the internet

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Social Networking on the Internet Many teens use the internet on a daily basis as a means of communicating with others. This widespread use of the internet has opened the door for online predators such as child molesters and drug dealers. Therefore, it is extremely important to take precautions to minimize how much personal information you share with others, especially people you do not know. Kids all over the world have been abducted by online predators and assaulted or sexually abused. You might not think this could happen to you, but on the other hand, those who this has happened to probably thought the same thing. ...read more.


When she arrived, he threw her in his car and raped her. This event could have been avoided if she would have just never accepted the friend request from a stranger. I personally have a Myspace page but I think it is safe as long as you take precautionary measures and use common sense. You should inform your parents or another trusted adult if you are asked too many questions online or if a conversation turns sexual or harassing. You really have to be careful with who you share you information. ...read more.


Another option is for you to set your profile to private, which means that only you and your friends can view your profile. Do not ever tell someone you do not know that well where you live. You must always remember to take precaution when using the internet, especially on Myspace, Face Book, AIM and other chat rooms. When using the internet, beware of what you are doing and ensure that you do not share too much information about yourself. Report any unusual conversations that you have to an adult. You must be careful to safeguard yourself from becoming a victim and ending up like the other thousands of kids that have been raped, assaulted, and molested. ...read more.

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