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Kristina Guevara HUM2510/Spring 2010 Shawn Holiday 12 February 2010 With the two essays just read, there were differences in the ways they were written. One essay gave cold-hard facts, describing the used element and he reasoning for it. The other was more based on the feeling and just feelings. When analyzing Essay 5: Use of Color and Lines in Temptation, and Essay 6. Pablo Cano: Exemplifying Dadaism through Matilda Hippo, Essay 5 was clearly the more plausible essay; it mentioned the overall appearance, the elements used, and the meaning it was intending portray. ...read more.


The writer also gives a description/meaning to each color; the different colors symbolize anger, power and neutrality. The lines and shape (a snake) also are used to get attention, even from far distances. It is described as a thick, curvy lined, bold colored, 5 foot tall sculpture. They then explain, as a whole, what the artist is trying to portray with the use of all the elements he chose. Now in Essay 6. Pablo Cano: Exemplifying Dadaism through Matilda Hippo, their attempt to give an overall explanation was a unsuccessful. ...read more.


Also, throughout the essay, they were explaining personal feeling, emotions, and opinions; this makes this essay seem not plausible with another person's thoughts. Overall, the use of only facts and details are what make the better essay. The use of opinion and feelings are not appealing to someone who wants to learn the meaning of a piece of art; they just make it unenjoyable. Essay 5: Use of Color and Lines in Temptation is more effective rather than Essay 6. Pablo Cano: Exemplifying Dadaism through Matilda Hippo, which is more opinionated and does not have enough description of the meaning. ...read more.

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