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Humanities Coursework Oldham

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Humanities coursework Has Oldham done enough since the Oldham riots? In this piece of coursework I am going to investigate and explain: Has Oldham done enough to challenge racism since the Oldham riots. I am going to cover the following: What are the causes of racism, Why is Oldham a multicultural town, What happened during the Oldham riots, What were the causes of the Oldham riots, What is being done in Oldham to challenge racism, What can be done to further promote community cohesion, Conclusion - Has Oldham done enough to challenge racism since the Oldham riots. Prejudice is one of the reasons that cause racism. Prejudice means an unfavourable opinion about someone you haven't even met, or without examining the facts fairly. A prejudice is a belief opinion or judgement towards a group of people, which is usually characterised by their race, social class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or religion. Another example is religion, some people don't like Jewish people, this is prejudiced because there are no facts these are just opinions. Discrimination is another cause of racism. Discrimination means noticing differences between things, Preferring one thing to another. Discrimination refers to treatment taken toward or against someone of a certain group. Discriminatory behaviour takes many forms, but all involve some form of exclusion or rejection. There are many types of discrimination including: Race, age and gender. Women have been victimised by discrimination in employment, education and social services. Two other forms of racism are personal and institutional racism. This is an openly racist act or what is said by someone. This type of racism is usually done through jokes, graffiti, verbal abuse, racial attacks and harassment. For example people make jokes about someone's religion, ethnicity or colour of their skin. Other examples are people verbally abusing each other using racist comments. Racial attacks or harassment are the worst form of personal racism, this is when gangs do racial attacks on other individuals or gangs because they are different than them. ...read more.


It also warns that segregation is an unacceptable basis for a harmonious community and it will lead to more serious problems if it is not tackled. I think this was a problem because people thought that if they lived in a community with everyone generally the same ethnicity and religion it would create a better surrounding as they can all relate and have family close by, people didn't think about the negative aspects such as people from different backgrounds and religion not mixing. This mind set over the generations caused the communities to become so segregated which created areas where everyone was of the same ethnicity and religion. People of different ethnicity didn't know about other ethnic groups cultures which lead to assumptions which were the basis for racism. The riots happened as there was too much tension between ethnic groups. It also shows that people don't see themselves from Oldham but from certain areas. For example, Coppice, Fitton hill, Glodwick and Werneth. The report concluded that the council should try to mix ethnic groups when letting properties to create mixed communities and mixed-race specialist schools should act as beacon schools. The other key finding of the report included: Faith schools should admit pupils of different faiths, big public sector employers should have more representative workforces, local health service needed improving also the police structure should be more community-focused and religion leaders should speak to the town as a whole, not just their own faiths. The issues with segregation across the borough include separated communities and areas where there is only one main race. For example Fitton hill is mainly a white area which shows that it is segregated. Segregation is the main cause of racism because when communities are split up by ethnicity it leads to one area not liking another. Opinions spread as people don't usually have their own, so people tend to believe each other without knowing whether it's even true. ...read more.


They may also have had a lower quality service than other people because they may be from a different ethnic background to them. I believe there is a bit of racism here and there in the emergency services but not too serious but I do believe the employees in the emergency services are mainly white, for example in the fire department and police force. To construct this graph I have used the information I collected from completing my questionnaire. It shows if people thought Oldham council do enough to ensure that people of different ethnic backgrounds mix together. 25% of the people that I asked thought enough has been done to challenge racism, but they may be biased as they could have been a part of some activities that mix people from different ethnic backgrounds with people from different races and backgrounds. On the other hand 55% of the people thought that not enough has been done to mix people, however these people could possibly be biased about their opinion or maybe exaggerating as these people might not have been to any activities that Oldham council have put in place or they simply may not have heard about them. To overcome this problem and make sure that people know about all the activities et in place they could advertise this through newspapers, leaflets, advertisement on TV or the radio, also they could go to schools in the Oldham borough including high schools and primary schools so all the kids know about any upcoming activities that they could go to and have fun while mixing together with a diverse range of races and ethnic backgrounds. Still 20% of the people thought that Oldham council could do more to challenge racism in Oldham. Oldham council should set up activities and projects in all communities and not just a few areas so it can spread and make a bigger difference and impact people to stop and reduce racism. ...read more.

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