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Humanities Leisure and Tourism Coursework St Lucia

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Holidays to far off places and exotic locations are becoming increasingly popular. Describe the reasons for the growth of such holidays and using an example from less economically developed country, outline the physical, cultural and economic impacts of the effects of increasing tourism and ensure that such growth is sustainable in such places. In this piece of coursework I am going to explain what is meant by Tourism and why holidays to far off places and exotic locations are becoming increasingly popular. I am going to describe the reasons for the growth of such holidays and using an example from a less economically developed country and I am also going to outline the physical, cultural and economic impacts of the growth of tourism and suggest what can be done to limit the negative effects of increasing tourism and ensure that such growth is sustainable in such places. Tourism is basically travel for pleasure, this means travelling or going somewhere to have fun which is the same as pleasure. People travel for pleasure to have a good time, mainly they do this when they are on a holiday from work and mostly spend it with friends and family because they may live far away from their family during work so they then take holidays to visit family or go on holidays with them. Holidays abroad are holidays when you go on holiday in another country than the one you live in. Europe is the most popular destination for UK residents, taking up almost 80 percent of visits abroad. Spain has been the most popular country to visit since 1994 with France tagging along second in popularity. Holidays abroad have increased rapidly from 6.7 million in 1971 to 66.4 million in 2005. Most holidays abroad are taken in July and August, this is because of the summer holidays for children from school, and these start approximately in late July and end at the start of September. ...read more.


The Population is approximately 160,000. One third of the population live in the capital and largest city of Castries. Other towns include Gros islet, Soufriere and Vieux Fort. The official currency used in St Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. The Capital City of St Lucia is Castries which is also the largest city in the small country. It is located in a flood gut and built on reclaimed land. It houses the seat of government and the head offices of many businesses both foreign and local. The city's design is in a grid pattern similar to metropolitan city like New York but on a much smaller scale. The city is well serviced with a bus system and taxi service. Most of the government promoting is done by the federally-operated Saint Lucia Tourism Board. The main industry in ST Lucia is growing bananas. Many crops are grown here such mangoes, tomatoes, limes and oranges. The natural features on the island include coral reefs, volcanic springs, traditional villages and crafts, rainforests, fishing in dug out canoes and the popular jazz music. ST Lucia is a popular holiday destination because the island has high temperatures which attract many people from the UK and other countries where the weather is cold most of the year because the temperature and weather in the UK is dull and cold; many people enjoy the nice hot sun because it is rare for them.. Sandy beaches attract many people because people love sun bathing and get love having tanned bodies. The beaches are suitable for families and kids. The breathtaking sceneries are priceless and on of the best in the world. This attracts many people including old couples whom love to gaze into the scenery. Many people from the UK decide to have their weddings abroad in popular holiday destinations. This is because their will be a better atmosphere and excited mood whereas in the UK it may start to rain on their wedding. ...read more.


Try local foods and drinks, there is no point of spending money on a holiday without trying new food, cuisines and drinks, you'd rather just stay home if you're going to have the same when you go abroad. Don't waste energy, turn off lights and air-conditioning when you leave the room otherwise it's just a waste of money and causes extra pollution. Buy presents and souvenirs from local crafts people and pay a fair price because they have put long hours into it and do not start bringing the price down unless they are happy to. Ask people before taking photographs of them as you would back at home. Dress appropriately because you are a guest in their country and you may offend them. Tourism can be developed in a sustainable way by adopting a beach scheme because you don't have to build a beach, people would be using what is already there. There should also be strict rules for dropping litter on the beach and anywhere else so there is no further damage to the environment. Hotels should fence off turtle beaches during egg laying so people don't touch or go near the turtle eggs so that they are protected and when the eggs are hatching tour guides should take the tourists to see them when hatching. Tour guides can allow tourists to see coral without damaging it by using glass bottomed boats; this will attract tourists and bring in money. To protect the rainforest and wildlife they could create nature reserves, this will protect the wildlife and give the locals something to do and will bring them income if they do tours. Activity holidays can employ locals to give tours of the rainforest and to help conserve it, it will be bringing in income while at the same time helping the environment which is sustainable tourism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Lucia http://www.gdrc.org/uem/eco-tour/eco-tour.html Google Images for the pictures WJEC HUMANITIES Contemporary issues-Tourism, Travel & Leisure 3,125 Words ?? ?? ?? ?? Arslaan Asif ...read more.

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