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If I ruled the world...

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If I Ruled The World... If I ruled the world I would definitely get rid of MEN! They are incredibly useless, insensitive and bizarre. Men are the worst human beings in the world! If we got rid of them then life would be so much easier, we wouldn't have any old bag as our Prime Minister. We would have Margaret Thatchers making speeches. Don't you want women to rule the world? We should get rid of men because they can't do anything that women do. ...read more.


What would the answer be? 99.9% of women would say, relaxing on the sofa, popping their feet up of the table on the new coffee table and watching footie with mates from work. While women are working their backsides of for their darling husbands, the men are just sitting there and giving you heart attacks when the team on television score a goal. Well I agree that there are good parts to a man, like doing DIY in the bathroom, mowing the grass in the garden and getting to work on time. ...read more.


Lastly, snooze....Zzzzzzzz; really they can sleep for hours and hours. If they could, they would wake up at around 2.00 pm when half the day is gone and just laze around the house. So, in conclusion I think the men should be banished once and for all. They're so irritating and are like tubs of lard. They adjust themselves in one place and stay there for the rest of the day. They need to learn from women. Some people say, 'women are much weaker than men'. It's a bowl full of rubbish. I think men should accept the fact that women are better than them! That's it! ?? ?? ?? ?? Girima Desai ...read more.

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