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Immigration to the USA

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Immigration to the USA Arfan Rauf Immigration to the USA is seen as one of the main political issues today. Its impact is widely debated. This essay will discuss the view that immigration continues to be a good thing in the USA. Immigration is seen as a good thing in the USA because of the role of immigration through history. The USA was founded by immigration who helped to shape the its culture and it would be a mistake to close the door. For example, in almost all big US cities there is a chinatown which gives Americans access to Chinese foods, cultures etc But many Americans fell that their culture is being overwhelmed by immigrants. In Los Angeles, it is a minority-majority, where Hispanics not Whites are the largest group. ...read more.


Since immigrants are willing to work at such low wage levels, it becomes a standard for all jobs to maintain that level for all employees which can pose as a problem to Whites or other non-immigrants as they expect higher levels of wages. For example, a white janitor would expect to be paid more than a hispanic immigrant or he would refuse to work but in reality, an employer would favour the hispanic due to the savings on cost. While immigration has benefited businesses in reducing labour costs and allowing for employers to offer cheaper prices, many of the unemployed and employed feel that the overall wage standards are slipping due to cheap labour and cheap wages. Immigrants are also willinging to do the jobs that other Americans do not. ...read more.


Immigrants in the US will also spend their wages in the US. For example, it is estimated that immigrants contribute $30 billion to the US economy. However, it is also argued that immigration is costing the US economy too much. Through health, education and welfare, many argue too much of the taxpayers money is being spent and wasted on immigrants. For example, it has also been estimated that immigrants cost the US a total of $30 billion. Despite the fact that immigration contributes to the economy, many feel that it also has an equal but opposite effect and costs the taxpayer too much. Overall , despite the fact that immigration has many benefits to the US in terms of adding to culture and contributing to the economy, it is argued in each case that America is being takenover by this new "force" and that Americans are being replaced by essentially a cheaper workforce. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arfan Rauf - Higher Modern Studies ...read more.

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