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Internal Customers at Longleat (Leisure & Tourism)

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Internal Customers at Longleat Longleat employs approximately 197 staff and up to 450 during the peak season in summer. The is a clear structure with workers within Longleat, The marquees of Bath meets with the General manager & Land agent every month to make sure everything is running smoothly and to put forward suggestions to Lord Bath about possible new attractions or new pricing policies. The general manager then meets with department managers to again discuss possible new attractions for the park or maybe replacement of old unused attractions. The department managers then meet with their staff to see how everything is working down on the 'front line', from all these meeting we can clearly see that happy staff is key to Longleat. Staff Training Training is given to all staff to make sure that the Longleat staff can work in a safe and enjoyable environment, before each member of staff starts the job they go around all the attractions so they can see all the attractions and they can see what goes on around the park. ...read more.


Holiday entitlement is 21 days based on 5 day week for staff who have worked at Longleat less than 5 years. 21 days appears to be a low amount of holiday days to receive it is only 3 weeks for staff that work 5 days a week, and for staff that have worked over 5 years are only entitled to an extra two days holiday, 23 days. Longleat also offer a pension scheme to those who have worked over 12 months with Longleat. The scheme is not compulsory but if the member of staff wishes to contribute the rates are 4% for the employee and 7% for the employer which seems a very worth wile bonus for the staff. Life insurance is also offered to staff who may wish to receive it. Motivations and incentives Longleat boasts good communication and proper treatment to all staff that work at Longleat. Another incentive to work is that Longleat offer an annual staff day out. ...read more.


Longleat recognises the legal obligations including; Race relations act, Sex discrimination act, The Equal pay act, Disability discrimination act and the Part time workers legislation. Longleat recognising all these acts proves and ensures a happy working environment for all Longleat employees. Disciplinary Procedure If a complaint is made against an employee it will be investigated by the employer and there could be a possible suspension put in place there could be a verbal or written warning to explain action being taken or there could be a right of appeal to general manager. If a complaint is made by an employee they are invited to a meeting to discuss it, there will be a conclusion reached and it will be communicated to the employee mangers can have further meeting to discuss it . Gross misconduct - The employer reserves the right to dismiss staff without prior notice or pay if the employee commits gross misconduct which could include refusal to carry out duties, drink or drug abuse or dangerous behavior. These procedures ensure that staff work in a safe and hassle free environment. ...read more.

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