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Interpersonal skills - Saying no

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Interpersonal skills assignment Saying 'no' Lindsey McInerney Introduction In this assignment I plan to evaluate an action plan that I have set for myself. My action plan is that, over a two-week period, when my family asks me to something that I either do not want to do or is inconvenient for me, I am going to try to say 'no'. How it felt I have chosen to work on, and try to improve, this skill as it something that I struggle with a lot. If friends or family ask me for something or want me to do something for them, I drop any plans that I have or what I am doing, to do the thing that they have asked of me. ...read more.


When I tried to say 'no' to somebody, just because I did not want to do what he or she was asking, this made me feel very anxious and uncomfortable. This was because I couldn't just come out and say that 'I did not want to do it', it made me feel very pressurised and I didn't feel that this was a good enough reason to say 'no'. Did the plan work? My action plan worked a lot better than I expected it to. It took a lot for me to start saying 'no' but as soon I did, I realised that people are a lot more understanding than I thought. ...read more.


I tried to do it once and it made me feel very mean and uncomfortable because I didn't have a valid reason why I couldn't do it. My mum asked me to come over for my tea and I didn't want to, so I said 'no', when my mum asked me why, because I didn't have a reason other than I didn't want to I changed my mind and told I would come. Conclusion I have achieved the main part of my skill that I wanted to, which was being able to say 'no', if something that somebody asked me to do was inconvenient for me. I know that I will now be able to continue using this skill and from this I have gained confidence. I now feel that I have better control over the things that happen in my life. Word count - 534 (approx.) ...read more.

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