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Introductory visit child development

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Introductory Visit Date of visit: 16th June 2007 Time of visit: 12.00pm First name of child to be studied: Harry Age of child at this visit to number of months: 2 yrs 3 months Child's Appearance Hair Colour: Blonde Eye Colour: Blue Eyes Harry is chubby, he looks like his father, he has long toes like his dad has he also has big hands. I think that he has similar features as his Father. Child's Personality He is a very happy child, he rarely cries. He loves attention as he has been brought up in a house with many people, so he is always centre of attention. He smiles and laughs whilst playing, and enjoys others playing with him. He is very nosey and likes to know what is going on at all times. ...read more.


The cat never comes in the house he only comes in to eat so there isn't a problem with him. The park is right near the house, you walk straight out of the front door and the park is opposite. The shops are on the high street about a 5 minute walk from the house. Physical Development Height at birth: 53cm Height now: Weight at birth: 7 lb 12 Weight now: Gross motor skills: Fine manipulative skills: pick up small things, hold a pen or pencil in a palmar grasp. Draw, build with bricks, he can hold things and pick up things depending on their weight. Sensory skills: Uses his sight and hearing to sense where someone is when they call him or when he hears a loud sound which may shock him. When you feed him he seems to smell his food then decides whether he wants to eat it or not. ...read more.


Some of the phrases he uses are: "Mummy/Daddy Im Hungy" He can't pronounce hungry so he says 'hungy' "I want that one" He has very polite speech, he says his please's and thank you's. Drawing/writing skills: He holds crayons in a palmar grasp. Imagination/imitating: Loves playing hide and seek. Emotional Development Positive emotions shown: Happiness, excitement, pleasure, love, affection, pride. Negative emotions shown: Crying, screaming Likes: Baths, being around other people. Dislikes: Certain foods, Face wiped, when he hears his Grandpa shout. Fears: No fears known of yet. Social Development The child is very well behaved and is very polite. Always says 'please' and 'thank you', whilst playing or eating he will share with others. He loves to be with adults and children of all ages. He rarely has temper tantrums, has plenty of chances to meet other children and adults at his Local Playgroup. He is soon to be potty trained, within the next couple of weeks. He can feed himself and brush his teeth but sometimes needs help doing them properly. ...read more.

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