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Investigating the promotional techniques and materials used by Bristol Zoo

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Investigating the promotional techniques and materials used by Bristol Zoo. Techniques Bristol Zoo is not only targeting local people but people from further away as well. They do this well with the techniques that they use for advertising the zoo. Customers start off coming from Bristol and it expands to Avon and Somerset to an even wider range. Advertising Bristol Zoo uses press releases for advertising new events going on at the zoo and new animals that may have been added. They have a website, leaflets and the most common form of advertisement for them is word of mouth. Around the Bristol area there are also Bristol Zoo billboards that even people just passing through the area or tourists will see. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of promotion. It involves sending or giving promotional material directly you individual customers that are already on the database. ...read more.


They also have designers for their other advertisements so they will attract people. Advertisements There are lots of different types of advertisements such as: * Newspapers * Magazines * Radio * Television * Internet * Billboards * Leaflets Bristol Zoo uses billboards, sometimes adverts in newspapers the internet and leaflets because they see this as being the easiest way of alerting a lot of people about the zoo. Brochures and leaflets Brochures and leaflets are one of the most widely used forms of promotional materials. Bristol Zoo prints a lot of leaflets and asks pubs, cafes, hotels and B&Bs to have them in their business available for the public to take them. One of their leaflets is the main one all around the country introducing you to Bristol Zoo and the rest are those that you find in the zoo, like the map, and explaining about different things around the zoo. ...read more.


They use the right advertisements and techniques for the size of the organisation and get through to people easily. Bristol Zoo get more and more customers due to the techniques they use and the materials they produce and lots of publicity from sending out emails, leaflets, word-of-mouth and advertising their organisation. Bristol Zoo use most promotional techniques as they can afford it. They also have TV advertisements and the zoo is sign posted all around Bristol which the council doesn't pay for so the zoo has to. To help Bristol Zoo's promotions they could offer one that gives discount for families OAPs, children or parties. Alnwick gardens Leaflets The leaflets used by Alnwick gardens are more sophisticated. They are different to the ones used by Bristol Zoo. They use darker autumn colours and small print suggesting that the leaflets are aimed at adults. Website The Alnwick gardens website is similar to the Bristol Zoo one in the way that it gives different sections so it is easier to find your way around the site. The website is www.alnwickgarden.com. ...read more.

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