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Is China a World Power

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Is China A World Power? A world power may be defined as a country, which has great political power, great military, great economy et cetera. The People's Republic of China may have completed some of these criteria itself but it may not be considered a world power as some of the small factors are holding them behind. China may be a big country with large population, which face inequality, corruption, social stability and the Chinese environment that is not very grand for the health and also with it limited supplies and energy. China claims that they are a communist state but they are just capitalist, under their current government. A lot of discrimination is there in the nation. Health for the Chinese isn't very pleasant either for the country lack proper medication care and doctors. China is a capitalist state under the "SOCIALIST REPUBLIC" government. This has made many things difficult in China such as Human rights, freedom and equality. The Chinese government are very tolerate people as they closed its door towards people, yet they declare an open door policy in the late 70's and 80's which is not true in all cases. "The new Chinese settlers have created an alternate society: a Chinese apartheid which, denying Tibetans equal social and economic status in our own land, threatens to finally overwhelm and absorb us." ...read more.


A world health organisation reported that seven out of the ten most polluted are in China. 30% of acid rain falls on the country. It is estimated that 7% of the GDP per annum must be spend to control the environmental problem so far only 1% is spent on this trouble; this show China's lack of environmental concern. Main economic area for China is it's eastern coast where most of their economy rely. This also create another problem, the equality of income isn't same throughout China as it should be, City such as �r�mqi, P�king, Shanghai, Canton, Shenzhen et cetera receives most of the high income when city such as Lanzhou, Lhasa et cetera receives a lot lesser. Health of the Chinese can be considered as very poor at the moment that they were ranked 144 out of 191 by The World Health Report. The life expectancy for China s of 2006 is 73, this have been a huge improvement since 1950 when it was 32 but can still be considered low compared to countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Japan whose expectancy is over 80. Their infant mortality currently is 23 per thousand people, which aren't very bad compared to others for example Singapore and Japan (2). Health Development Index of the PRC is medium as it stood at 0.768 as of 2007. ...read more.


Their possession of nuclear weapons may fill them in for the nuclear criterion. They have never launched one before and stated it themselves that they will never use it, this have put them off for being a nation with nuclear power. Resources that China lacks can be a huge problem. It produces 6.9 tonnes of oil equivalent per capita and it consumes 7.3, this is a huge problem they found a way to dealt with the way which is not very reliable. In 2004 Wen Jinbao the prime minister offered Russia almost � 6,000,000,000 for energy purchase. China therefore rely on Russia for energy, Russia could use this as a weapon and they did but not to China, In 2005 Vladimir Putin cut off energy supply to Ukraine as it wants higher price for energy. Russia may not be very reliable for this source either. Some of the other things they lack off may be public transportation where there is an average of 2 buses per one thousand people. Some of the children in China still lack education, as 10% of the children under age 15 are literate. With all these weaknesses revealed, does China fit in the definition of "World Power": The answer is resounding no. Not now or anywhere in the future like others who say China will someday be a world power. Their current government won't last longer than 30 years, when they collapse the idea of China being a world power will start to fade away and a more favourable China would be reality. ...read more.

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