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is obesity the next big killer

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# By Johnny Ho 11N Miss Gardiner Chapter 1: Introduction The question I have chosen to investigate is: Is obesity the next big killer in the U.K? I will look at the following areas: > What is obesity? > Is obesity to blame for all our health problems? > What is the situation in America? > My opinion. I have decided to look at this issue because I think it is a problem for the future generations and that creates lots of problems. I also think that Currently my opinion is yes because more people are becoming obese and this can lead to a higher risk of heart attack and a stroke that can soon be top killers. This topic links with the GCSE course unit on Culture and Beliefs. This is because it is a controversial issue, which has I define obesity as a condition, which holds excess weight, and causes negative problems which affects your body badly, e.g. obesity can lead to a stroke and can cause heart attacks. People who are obese at 40 can lose up to seven years off their life, research has found. The findings mean that being fat in a middle age increases the risk of dying sooner then a slim non-smoker. Obesity is defined as having a body-mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. Doctors consider a BMI of 25 or under to be healthy. ...read more.


Internet * Worldwide information provided from everyone However * Usually too much information * Not always up to date or reliable Type of data Purpose of data Advantages Disadvantage Improvements Questionnaire To find out peoples opinions Specific to product to update People have a lack of knowledge, and can also give false answers due to silliness Ask more people, different age groups, and better questions. Internet To find a range of materials on this subject There is a lot of information to access and a range of opinions A lot of the informational the internet might not be accurate and biased Find different websites and see if the data is the same Newspaper To find journalist views on the subject Accurate data collection with realistic facts Often can have data with peoples opinions which gets confusing include more of this kind of data can improve my facts and look at other peoples opinions books To find out facts and information on the subject Get accurate information and views on the subject Can be produced like 5 or 6 years ago which can then provide information which has changed Include more of this data because the facts can help provide top information Chapter 3 Obesity has already hit America with all the fast food chains. There are over 233 different fast food chains and is on an increase. ...read more.


This has affected the reliability of my conclusions, although I feel that the views expressed have not been greatly compromised any questionnaire may have inherent bias results. Chapter 4: evaluation 1. My sampling methods I think my sampling methods should have had an improvement, so in order to improve the validity of my results a more accurate sampling method such as systematic or random sampling should have been used. Most professional surveys use a wide variety of people and uses over hundreds of people to do there surveys which creates a much more accurate results, a wide range of answers and random sampling which makes the results not biased, so my sample size of 48 means that my conclusion may be limited accuracy, this is serious limitation of my research. 2. My Questionnaires There were several problems with my questionnaire that may have led to inaccurate results. These include improving my questions so it's more open and have much more choices. There were advantages and disadvantages in my questionnaire Advantages: 1. cover a large number of people 2. large amounts of info can be gathered quickly 3. they can help to reduce the bias of interviews Disadvantages: 1. closed questions may not reflect on respondents real views 2. bias may be presented through the choice of questions asked 3. badly phrased questions might influence the answers given ...read more.

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