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Is sunbathing good for you case study

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Contents Page 3- Introduction Page 5- Sunbathing is good for you Page 7- Sunbathing isn't good for you Page 9- Conclusion Page 10- Bibliography Introduction Ultraviolet Rays Ultraviolet rays are placed just after visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. The further left anything is on the spectrum, the most dangerous it generally is to humans. Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays) are constantly emitted from the sun. UV rays are sub-divided into three categories; UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC rays are the most harmful and are filtered out by the earths atmosphere and don't reach the earths surface. However UVA and UVB rays do reach the earth's surface and in certain circumstances, can be extremely dangerous. For example, if the UV level is very high and a person stays out in the sun for an extended period of time with little or no protection, serve sunburn can occur. When the temperature is hot and the sun is visible, a lot of people enjoy sunbathing. This usually includes exposing a vast amount of skin to the UV rays from the sun in order to achieve a 'tan'. Tanning A tan occurs when skin comes into contact with the UVB rays and it reacts by producing greater levels of white melanin pigments1. The UVA rays and oxygen from the blood then tan these pigments, making the skin look darker. UVB rays however are not just used for getting a tan. ...read more.


Sunbathing can make people feel better about themselves as tans can make people appear thinner and their skin can appear smoother. If a person thinks they look better then they are generally happier. Also if someone sunbathes regularly for limited amounts of time, it could stop them from using tanning beds where they can't use sun cream to protect their skin. Summary It is almost impossible to say that sunbathing is entirely good for you. The damage that sunburn can cause to skin, UV damage can cause and skin cancer, are all extremely strong points against sunbathing. Looking better is a very weak argument when faced with cancer. Vitamin D supplements could be taken, and it not extremely necessary from the sun. The benefits of sunbathing are not vast medically. Sunbathing Isn't Good For You Skin Cancer- Melanoma The main reason that people would argue that Sunbathing is bad for you is due to Melanoma- the most common cancer in women in their 20s and the most deadly of skin cancers. Melanoma, however, could affect anyone who has had overexposure to UV rays or severe sunburn8. The risk of getting Melanoma is also increased due to many other factors. One of those is a person's skin type. If someone had fair skin with freckles and burns easily, they are at a greater risk than someone with naturally olive skin. ...read more.


Skin cancer is a huge issue, but when people only look at the perceived risk rather than the actually risk, then the benefits do seem to outweigh the risk most of the time. Conclusion In conclusion, I think that Sunbathing is good for you, but only if you take the necessary precautions. Sunbathing safely can make you look and feel better. The fact that if you wear a sufficient amount of protection from UV Rays when you sunbathe is can stop you getting some cancers, diseases and vitamin D deficiencies makes it seem impossible to say that sunbathing is completely bad for you. If you take care of your body and don't allow it to burn or over expose it to UV rays, then the pros and cons are almost equal. If you allow your body to burn or over heat regularly then it is obvious that you are causing yourself unnecessary damage. Exposure to sun should never have to be dangerous. If the correct precautions are taken, sunbathing can be relaxing, reduce stress, and boost self esteem hopefully without the worry of cancer. Most of my information used has come from reliable sources. I used mainly sources from scientific studies that had been peer reviewed. However, some of my information comes from the woman's magazine 'Cosmopolitan'. Articles in this magazine are usually written to influence people into buying a certain object and acting in a certain way. Therefore facts could be twisted to fit into the angle of the topic that the article is written about. ...read more.

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