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Jewish, Cristian and Islamic views on God

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Christian, Jewish and Islamic views on God The First sin happened in the Garden Of Eden. Satan is seen as the traditional power of evil. Atonement is when Jesus died on the cross for people's sins and because he was innocent, those sins were forgiven. When the Eucharist is celebrated, Christians are reminded of Jesus' actions and that they were forgiven because of him. The Cosmological theory is how the universe was created. Scientists argue that the universe was created dues to a explosion of matter and energy. This explosion then formed stars, planets and everything else. This was called 'The Big Bang' Christian beliefs is that God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh. ...read more.


However, in the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches, it is only God who has the final say on who enters heaven. However all Catholic traditions say that everyone will n end up in heave or hell. The communion of Saints is the spiritual union of all Christians living and dead. They share a 'mystical body' with Jesus whose head is what contributes towards the good ad welfare of others. The people that God finds unacceptable will end up going to hell. Purgatory is a condition of being punished in which the souls of those who are die in a state of grace are prepared for heaven. You achieve salvation by firstly being baptized and by practicing the essentials needed to live a Christian life. ...read more.


However, Jews also believe that Jesus is not the son of God as well as his attributes. The Qur'an which is the Holy Book for Muslims talks about there being one God. The Jews also believe in one God as it is talked of in the Shema Prayer. The Crucifixion was Jesus' death on the cross which brought his people forgiveness. The resurrection is when Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. The Virgin Birth was the act by which God became a human being. The ascension is after the resurrection of Jesus when he ascended into heaven. The trinity is what Christians believe in: God, the son of God and the Holy Spirit. This is explained in the Nicene Creed. God may be described as the Father. The son (Jesus)O as the human incarnation of God and the Holy Spirit as the force of God. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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