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Like A Flag in the Wind We are One

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Like A Flag in the Wind We are One By Lucas Wilson Stop. Tell the driver to pause and command the tires to be silent. Make sure everyone is quiet and not fidgeting. Direct those who are waving to cease wagging their hands and let them glance for a quick second at this still moment-in-time and think. Look. Examine the picture. Why is everyone saying goodbye? Is it because waving is an acceptable folkway that has now become clich´┐Ż and is just an easy way out when parting? Why are those who have raised hands crying? What is causing such emotion to be stirred in so many all at once? Why do I feel the same way? Camp comes once a year. ...read more.


But who thinks of that at the time? Who reflects on such details when so overcome with emotion? That's what pictures are for: to look back and rethink situations, to clear your head and to revisit and understand past circumstances. Now looking back I understand and am at peace - I will see them soon. This realization excites me; the thought of seeing their faces enthuses me like the thought of a warm summer day. Once again we will have the chance to talk about and worship Jesus and not hold anything back. It is seldom that I get the chance to have companionship with other Christians and to be in an environment where everyone's focus is on God. Times like these I savor; slowly nibbling a piece of chocolate - sweet and smooth -letting it melt on my tongue. ...read more.


This picture is a monument - lasting evidence, a reminder and an example of a great and notable event in my life: camp. It was a place where I became closer to God and made many marvelous friends. I will miss my brethren but despite the reality of our separation, there is comfort. There is comfort in knowing I will see them soon and until then we share the same purpose in unity. We don't have to be physically together in order to be brothers and sisters in Christ. We are connected by a common denominator: God. So tell those who are waving to stop... pause... realize... We may not be united in close proximity, but like a flag in the wind we are one. ...read more.

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