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Main Findings Humanities

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07/11/06 Main Findings - Questionnaire Sudharshine My main question is about cigarette sales - whether cigarette sales should be banned or not. To find out what other people say to this ban, I created a questionnaire for twenty people. I gave the questionnaire to males and females, smokers and non - smokers. The questionnaire that was created gave me an insight, to what I would expect in my interview and my secondary sources. 5 out of 20 people were males, only this number of males was willing to answer my questionnaire. 15 out of 20 people were females; they were willing to answer my questions. Overall, I found out that 3 out of twenty people were smokers, two of these people were females, and the other was male. ...read more.


A majority of people thought that Cocaine was the most dangerous, and Heroin was second, Ecstasy was third, and Cannabis being fourth. Most people in my sample of twenty agreed that Cocaine was the most dangerous, and then following into Heroin, Ecstasy and Cannabis. See table below: Question 9 was to seek information about what the person know about cigarettes, and what chemicals they contain. A majority of 15 people knew what it contains, and the other 5 didn't. Question 11 was to see if the person agrees to another solution, such as public smoking, rather than a total smoking ban. 13 people agrees that there should be special smoking areas rather than a total smoking ban, on the other hand, 7 people said that it should be banned altogether. ...read more.


I also mentioned a long term effect, such as taxes being raised; many people said that they wouldn't like this to happen. As a whole, a great number of people agreed that cigarette smoking should be banned; however, nearly all of the same people agreed that there should be special smoking areas for smokers instead of a smoking ban. My data table is below: Overall, this type of evidence suggested me that Public smoke should be banned rather than a total Cigarette Sale ban, because it will affect both the public and the business people in good and bad ways. The public will probably have an increase in taxes if Cigarette Sales were banned, and the profit that most business people make would be reduced. ...read more.

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