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Managing Change

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Managing Change [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Managing Change Introduction In light of the increasing rate of change in the business environment due to factors such as technological advances and globalization, the need to be able to successfully change an organization becomes more imperative than ever. Leading Change, guide identifies eight steps for successful organization change. These eight steps are taken to avoid mistakes made during the organizational change efforts in the past, like the convenience, not to create a powerful guiding coalition, underestimating the power of vision, under the Communications - vision, the obstacles to the granting of a new vision, not to create short term wins, declaring victory too soon, and neglecting to anchor changes in the culture organization. In this article we will discuss the element of change by Richard Beckhard and Wendy Pritchard in his book to change the basics: the art of creating and leaders of environmental change in organizations. Analysis The book is an analysis which gives a sense of urgency, it is expected that a change of leader will be able to direct interested parties to conduct a common goal and reduce complacency. ...read more.


Not only the specific direction, but it helps to motivate people to be affected and or implement change. Richard Beckhart provides examples of good and bad opinions, and suggested that perfect vision must be clear and fairly simple to explain in five minutes (Bateman & Snell, 2007). A vision must inspire people to force people from their area of comfort must be difficult, but achievable, and usually takes advantage of major trends such as globalization or technological change. In communicating the change vision, Richard Beckhart argues that in this day of information overload, to speak of the vision and the strategy has only a small fraction of the time and ideas that are often lost. The use of analogies, repetition and use of multiple instances of transmission of a change in vision help employees to understand and remember ideas. Clear and concise language is essential(Richard Beckhard & Wendy Pritchard, 1992). Empower employees to an expanded allows much more flexibility in the organization to adapt to a changing environment. Obstacle to participation, however, are i) the structure of the organization, where resources are so fragmented that the timely delivery of objectives is almost impossible, ii) ...read more.


All momentum for change is lost. To consolidate the gains and maintain production on the hand, suggest that the management of increasing levels of emergency, and learn to understand and appreciate the interdependence of the organization when changes are made in a field often the changes needed in other areas or departments. Once you've made changes, it is important to strengthen the corporate culture. It should be noted that culture is not easy to handle, what should be done when all changes have been made(Richard Beckhard & Wendy Pritchard, 1992). Change "the way we do things here" is essential for the regression to the old practices is not live. Conclusion To summarize, Richard Beckhart stronger changing environment requires rapid decisions and organizations to be more flexible to external changes than ever. Only with greater flexibility, teamwork and agile organizations can always expect a leader to make changes in response to these pressures. The qualities of leadership, change agents very important because the overview to follow. The importance of continuous learning, because it also emphasizes that managers are constantly changing and their comfort zones are clearly more able to leave the comfort zone in order to adapt to a changing environment. ...read more.

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