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manufacturing specification

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Manufacturing Specification For my toy, I will be using one of these three things: Jig, former or a template of some sort. For my piece of work I will be using a template as I am basing my main box for the toy upon a regular sized box for all ready-made toys. All of these three things are still used in batch production as make the product suit its specification and enables you to reproduce the same product quicker and easier. It also speeds up rate of production making the whole process more efficient and cost effective. The product I am making is a toy with a mechanism and it will be self-supportive and very durable so children can put it under severe pressure without it actually breaking. It will have two large panels on the top and bottom and two smaller panels on either side of the toy. The cutting pieces (not to scale) T The pieces shown here represent the panels, which I will be using to construct my box. Looking at different sizes later on in my work will help me to decide on an overall shape and size of my box but the four panels here show what the basic shape and position they will be in. ...read more.


Also to support the structure and to make it stronger. * Wood glue - to use instead of nails as it cleaner and more cost effective Out of these two choices I have chosen to use the wood glue as it will save me time and it will be cheaper as I wont have to use as much to gain the same results in using the nails. My Final Design My final design will be made from softwood and oak used as the attachments. The sides and the top and bottom will all be made from soft wood and the base will also be made of this. All of this will be glued together instead of nails. This is the shape of the top and bottom panels This is the shape of the side panels The two large panels will be 26cm and the two side panels will be 12 cm making the overall shape a rectangle. This means that it will be an equal shape and none of the sides will slope making it an equal sided box. All these panels will be glued together making the overall piece strong and durable but not waterproof. Plan of action To plan the making of my toy I am going to use a numbered list telling me what to do and in what order. ...read more.


12/02/09 Cleaned up sides and top pieces of box. Goggles while using hand sander. 16/02/09 Carried on cleaning box. Goggles while using sander. 23/02/09 Marked out two drill holes where the followers would go in on the top of the top piece. Used care while using chisel to avoid injury to hands. Used goggles. 26/02/09 Finished of marking out holes. Goggles using chisel. 03/03/09 Drill out holes at the top of the box. Goggles used when drilling. A vice used to hold wood in place when drilling. 05/03/09 Clean up box once more. Goggles on sander. Overalls also used. 10/03/09 Carried on cleaning and sanding down edges. - 12/03/09 Cut out two small pieces of 9mm dowel to use as followers. Used goggles while using saw. Used overalls to protect clothes 16/03/09 Sanded the dowels to make sure they fit. Only used sand paper. - 20/03/09 Placed the dowels and cut to fit exactly in the box. Overalls to protect cloths during work. 23/03/09 Drew and cut out cams out of plywood and drilled 6mm hole in centre of them for the dowel. Used goggles when on the drill and wore overalls when drilling to protect clothes from getting caught. 26/03/09 Placed cams within box and glued into place. Wore goggles and glove while using epoxy resin. 30/03/09 Placed followers in place within the box. - 02/04/09 Wax, varnish and wire wool work. Cleaned up work. Goggles on sander. ...read more.

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