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Market Research Technique (Leisure & Tourism)

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Market Research Technique Cheddar Caves Cheddar caves takes part in market research every year. They do market research on site and off site. Suggestion box- Cheddar caves do not have a suggestion box within the caves, this could be a disadvantage for the caves as that could be an effective way of getting peoples' responses, because people may feel it's easier, quick and convenient whereas a survey could be too in depth and long winded, However with cheddar caves it would be hard to find a central place to put the box as the site is so large. Customer Group discussion- Cheddar caves do not participate in customer group discussions, I think this would be hard to achieve for cheddar caves as their customers come from all around Britain and further. There would also not be a central place for the meetings to take place, However if the meetings did take place it would be useful for the caves because they could find out what people really want within the caves but some people would find it hard to point out bad points to the managers. Quantitative Questionnaires- Cheddar caves partake in surveys every year. They are carried out on and off site. Cheddar Caves aims to collect 2,000 a year. These are to be randomly selected. ...read more.


live person and the 'interviewer' can adapt the questions to fit the customer, however people are less likely to be honest and criticise the caves to people over the phone. In conclusion I think Cheddar caves could benefit from having online questionnaires as they are easy to fill in and they could also benefit from having a mystery shopper, so that the politeness of the staff can be tested. Bristol zoo Bristol zoo use an external market research to conduct their market research. They carry out 400 onsite interviews. In 2001 Shoppers in Broadmead, a local shopping centre, were asked their awareness of Bristol zoo gardens before and after advertising campaigns. Suggestion box- Bristol zoo do not have a suggestion box but they have customer feedback stands around the zoo this is useful because people can give feedback on the zoo while it is fresh in their memory. The disadvantage of this is that the likeliness of people taking time out of their zoo visit to fill in a feedback form is unlikely unless they are unhappy with something. Customer Group discussion- Bristol zoo do not participate in customer group discussions Bristol zoo could benefit from this as they have the space to hold a group discussion they could benefit because customers could have similar views on what needs to be improved or what is good. ...read more.


In addition to these, Bristol zoo also have; Mystery shoppers; this is beneficial as the shopper can see how normal customers are treated and whether it needs to be improved. The mystery shopper is designed to be a 'subjective assessment' they are given a checklist to provide a structured approach to assessing the quality of the experience. Some sections include; car parks, paths & routes, site maintenance etc. Customer Liaison Forms - If a customer is unhappy with an aspect of their visit it is recorded in a customer liaison form which a member of staff tends to fill in, at the end of each month all the forms are handed in to the department head and then the data is logged and analysed to see where areas need improving. In conclusion I think Bristol zoo do carry out significant Market research however I think they could really benefit from having online questionnaires as they are quick and easy for the customer to fill in. When comparing the two you can clearly see that Bristol zoo take advantage of the different ways in which market research can be carried out. With Bristol zoo they participate in more areas such as mystery shoppers which I feel cheddar caves could benefit greatly from. However both companies have completed satisfactory customer research for the size of their business. ...read more.

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