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Marketing Activities Marketing is an important element of customer service provision. All staff are involved in marketing to some extent, whether it is in the actual planning and implementation of promotions or through knowledge of such promotions and the use of effective selling skills. One of the key issues in customer service delivery is the provision of information and advice to customers. This means that staff need to have a sound knowledge of the organisation and the products and services it offers. In order to provide information and advice, staff need to have a sound knowledge of the range of products and services offered by their organisation. They should be able to dispense product information that meets their customer's needs and expectations and ensures total satisfaction. The sort of information that staff may need to be able to supply will vary according to the organisation and its customers. However, typical product knowledge might include: * Knowledge of the company and its operating divisions * The main features of all products and services offered * The suitability of products and services for different types of customers * Prices (including special offers and discounts) * Location and direction * Staffing * Health and safety and security procedures * Other local information (such as nearby attractions, medical facilities, transport etc). Naturally no one can be expected to know the answer to every question. What is expected, however, is that staff members know where to obtain the information to answer customer queries. ...read more.


The promotion featured on every 500ml pack of Cokes 5 core products Sprite / Fanta / Oasis / Dr Pepper / Lilt, but these offers were only available on the 500ml bottles not the larger ones. The products were not sold in the park with the offers on during the period Every pack featured the Alton Towers logo and details on the labels so potential customers were able to check the terms and conditions of the offer before redeeming it. It also featured info on the Go Summer campaign so they could visit the site. Every label reverse had a 2 for 1 voucher to one of Tussauds attractions not just Alton towers our attractions. Customers would just peel it off and take it to one of the attractions to redeem it. The company produced 89 million bottles nation wide campaign promoting all Tussauds attractions not only Thorpe park, this is shown through use of Alton towers logo. Even though all the drinks in this promotion are part of the Coca-Cola company, the drink Coca Cola itself is not being used in this promotion. The amounts of promotional bottle distributed are shown below Fanta Orange 15,198,349 Fanta Fruit Twist 8,860,259 Fanta Icy Lemon 5,842,638 Sprite 12,709,158 Dr Pepper 11,709,962 Lilt 5,291,257 Oasis Citrus Punch 11,349,691 Oasis Summer Fruits 13,688,754 Oasis Blackcurrant Apply 1,827,449 Oasis Lemon Lime Light 647,812 Oasis Summer Fruits Light 1,023,154 Through this promotion Thorpe Park and coca-cola had hoped that the volume of sales of each drink increased including oasis which has ...read more.


Millions of people would have been watching this TV show so it would have benefited Thorpe Park greatly because not only are they reaching their target audience they would have been reaching parents and their need persuasion groups, during peak times if the year when they receive most of their business. C4LS FRI 12AUG05 2206 10 BIG BROTHER LIVE FINAL This is one of the spot times that Thorpe Park used to promote Stealth it shows what channel, the day, the date, the time, the length and what show was being aired. Point of sale Thorpe Park use point of sale at the park to attract customers back with other money off other upon their return or with promotions of tussauds other attractions like Madame Tussauds or Warwick castle. Point of sale is used at the entrance when people receive their tickets, on the back of the ticket is a promotion offering �5 off to Tussauds attractions including Thorpe Park. Throughout Thorpe Park there are posters around the rides saying that when you leave if you buy another ticket to Thorpe Park is less than half price. Also when you leave the park some staff members are handing out vouchers and promotions to Tussauds attractions. When customers leave the park there is sometimes members of staff who are handing out leaflets which are offering discounts or promotions these are not just for Thorpe Park but also for the other Tussauds attractions. Hanging out these leaflets will encourage repeat business from existing customers who may also tell other people of the promotion which will increase sales. Rojoni Ahmad ...read more.

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