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Marketing courseowrk task 3 memo

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Marketing Coursework Task 3: Memo From: Gabriel Azevedo, Thorpe Park assistant To: Mr. Paxman, Very Important Person RE: Evaluation of Thorpe Park Marketing I am writing with regards to Thorpe Park Marketing with concerns regarding its methods of Marketing, advertisement and the theme park's promotional materials and marketing strategies. Nowadays there are many different leisure activities in competition with Thorpe Park such as cinema, pubs, video games and many more, furthermore people choose to spend their leisure time doing what they think is the most interesting and amusing leisure activity for them, therefore marketing and promotional materials are essential to develop the customer's perception of the theme park and also to enhance their desire of visit therefore more customers would visit Thorpe Park furthermore bringing more disposable income. Thorpe Park needs to create more promotional materials so that the customers can realise that Thorpe Park is the best place to be at and to have fun. With many other advertisements and promotional materials created from other theme parks, video games and other leisure facilities and activities, Thorpe Park needs to make sure that their adverts are outstanding the other leisure companies' adverts so that customers would prefer to visit Thorpe Park than practice any other leisure activity as they would decide what they would like to do by the advert that is the most convincing out of them all. Therefore Thorpe Park has to focus on their advertising of not only the park but the new rides that have been currently launched so that customers would be notified that there is a new product furthermore customers would visit the park to experience the new ride which therefore with more customers, the profit to the theme park would increase. Another factor that makes the needs for marketing even more critical would be the change of fashion. This means that as products starts getting older people get bored and uninterested due to the fact that they have already experienced so many times and eventually less ...read more.


Radio can be considerably an ineffective method of advertisement as people who don't know how to speak English are not able to understand what they are saying and therefore they will have no interest on what the radio presenters are saying. Another bad factor would be the fact that you can't see through a radio so therefore many people would think that the radio is unreliable as they can not see the experiences of Thorpe Park. The fact that there are many other radio stations means that people could be on a different radio station or not have the radio turned on at the moment of the advert and they would end up missing the advert and what Thorpe Park is promoting. A way to reverse this factor would be by having many adverts at different times and on different stations to make sure that people will end up listening to the promotions Thorpe Park has to offer. Another negative point would be the fact that people don't listen to the radio at all so they will end up missing the advertisement. Word of mouth is also a promotional method where people will tell their friends and families what they think of the park. It has two sides to it, if they like the park they will persuade people to go to Thorpe Park and if they don't like it they will try to get people against Thorpe Park so it has to be based upon his opinion. A way to make people influence other people to visit Thorpe Park is to make sure that they have a good perception of Thorpe Park so they could tell their friends and family how good the theme park was and also creating a public relation where you promote a positive image between the company and the public by giving money to charities therefore people will think your park is charitable furthermore people will think you are kind to others and would want to go to Thorpe Park. ...read more.


The bad aspect of this method is that there can be a opposing park who competes with Thorpe Park who has left a comment demoralising Thorpe Park therefore the other people who read it will think that Thorpe Park is not a good place to go and therefore they will not visit the theme park and go to another theme park instead. It is very easy to ignore as you only leave a comment if you want to and people who do not have access to internet cannot leave a comment. Having both of the promotion and the market research linked together helps Thorpe Park increase customer volume to make sure they increase the profit. This means that after researching what the customer requests, Thorpe Park took the customers' wants and needs and made it into promotions to meet the objectives of the leisure industry in marketing to encourage early bookings so that Thorpe Park would know the amount of food they would need to cater for everyone and the amount of money they are going to get in that day, to improve the image of the theme park to make sure people are going to come back and spend more money, to beat the competition by identifying customers' needs so that they would increase their sales, to target a new group of customers so that Thorpe Park would be able to gain profit form different types of age groups and to maintain a good image of the theme park and it's products so that it would encourage more people to visit Thorpe Park and create a good perception to their costumers so they would influence their friends and families to spend more money on the theme park bringing in more disposable income to the company. By target marketing an audience, Thorpe Park was able to research what that audience liked and what experiences would they like to have in that way they were able to create promotional materials to advertise and persuade the costumers to come and visit the park to spend more money. ...read more.

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