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Measuring the effectiveness of customer service my findings

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Measuring the effectiveness of customer service my findings Criteria Rating Comments Greeting 8 I was in the shop for a few minutes and as soon as I picked up a brochure they came over. Brochure display 9 Well set out and informative. Queues 8 All kiosks were being used but the queues went down quickly. Advice given 10 Good advice given. Really helped. Staff knowledge 9 The staff knowledge was nearly perfect. The only down point was the waiting when I asked for a price. Meeting my needs 9 Took all my needs into consideration and helped me on what I wanted to know. Friendliness 10 Very polite from when I entered to when I walked out of the door. Greeting- I did not receive a greeting when I entered the shop but most of the travel agents were busy with other customers. Even though when I entered the shop I wasn't greeted, I still felt welcome as they said hello. ...read more.


The brochure display was good but the reason I didn't give it a 10 out of 10 is because all of the holidays that Thomas Cook sell were not in it. To improve this they could put all the holidays in the brochure or tell the customer clearly that there is a wider range of holidays on the website. Queues- As I said in the table all the kiosks were being used at the time. Although they were all in use the queues went down very quickly and I was being served within 2 minutes of waiting. The queue waiting times and sizes could be cut down by having more available kiosks at busier times and having more staff on the shop floor so that customers don't have to queue up to ask questions. Advice given- The advice I received was very good and I got all of my questions answered within 3 minutes. ...read more.


I was very impressed with this as the customer was getting the information needed. Meeting my needs- All my questions were answered within 25 minutes of me entering the shop. They didn't push me to make any decisions like most travel agents do. They knew everything I wanted to know and helped me make my final decision. All of my needs were met and I wasn't pushed to make decisions, but it took 25 minutes for all of my questions to be answered which I considered as to long. Friendliness- The friendliness of staff was very good. They were all very polite which made me feel very comfortable when I was in the shop. I can say that they were the nicest bunch of people I have ever come across in a shop. I received a welcome with a smile and I left with a farewell. The staff at Thomas Cook do not need to improve friendliness as they were the nicest group of people I have met. ...read more.

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