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Multinational Companies

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Is immigration good or bad? We all think that immigration nowadays is bad, but have you thought about what happened in the past and how many immigrants have came here. The Romans invaded in the 43-410AD. There were about 1-2 million people. Then the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, all invaded in 400-600AD. I will explain the good and the bad for immigration, why its good for some people and not for others. Many people would argue that immigration is good because you get other religions coming here and you get to learn about other religions. ...read more.


If you're a food lover then this would have been impossible because other people have brought their recipes into this country and now have a more variety of food. "with my net weekly wage �175, I can still afford to develop new skills.", "I have given up my comfortable life on Warsaw and it seems the dreams are a long way ahead of me.", "I am very happy here, I got engaged to a Serbian doctor, and people here are really, really nice." This BBC news article shows here that the people who moved here have a good and bad living. ...read more.


In the daily mail article they show us how immigrations affects us and why its bad. "almost 590 a day", this is a astonishing huge number per day. "migrants are costing the taxpayer up to 60 million in benefits". They could be living a good life while we pay a lot of tax. Although it can be argued that immigration is bad because they are taking peoples jobs away and causing racial problems. I believe that immigrants are good, because I'm a food lover without them there wouldn't have been different types of food. There wouldn't be different cultures to learn about, and there wouldn't be different product coming from around the world. Essay by Jaydeep Hasmukhlal ...read more.

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