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Murder And Me

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ME The other kids in school used to call me hurtful names like 'killer junior' or 'devil child'. I hated that they did, but they had a good reason to, everyone did, but we'll come to that later. I couldn't defend myself back then, I was just an innocent 6 year old, incapable of any of the sins that 'they' committed. I couldn't run to the teachers because they all knew that what those bullies were saying was true, and so did I. Back then the teachers would beat you blue black just for saying their names wrong, so the only thing stopping them from calling me names as well were their consciences. I knew it was pointless to say anything to anyone because nothing would change the outcome; I always had a little bit of 'them' in me. So I just continued to let it happen, to go on.... to progress. I was on my way home from a usual day at school, walking alone as usual down that same old crumbling alley-way. ...read more.


I slid my hands along the floor on my way to covering my bleeding face and felt a loose stone in the grass. I picked up the stone and held it tight so no-one could take it off me. She kept on beating me as if I was nothing, until I was couldn't breathe properly. I glanced over at the stone in my hand and thought "it's me...or her..." She paused to take a breath (I don't think she had ever beaten up anyone for this long) but when she came back it was too late, I had had all I could take. I was so hurt and angry I wanted to kill every person in Butches crowd... unfortunately, my arm knew that too. I swung my arm with all the might I had left in me and knocked her to the ground. As it turned out the stone that I fell onto wasn't the only stone lodged in the ground. There was another, and that one caught Butches head instead of her ribs, sending chunks of her still developing skull into her lifeless brain. ...read more.


Their first murder was actually in their school years where they first discovered their passion for death. It was a janitor that they killed first because back then boys and girls weren't supposed to be in school together, but that was the only place they could meet as there were also under curfews (a popular thing in their time). The janitor had caught them together and threatened to inform 'his' headmaster but they were going to make him pay. So they snuck out at night bludgeoned his wailing body, drowned him and left his useless corpse on a railroad for the early morning express. Killing people gave them a great sense of fulfilment, maybe even joy. I had always known that my evil was inherited, but maybe an earlier generation could tell me why 'they' turned out how they did. So I went to pay my grand parents a visit. My grandfather was dead and my grandmother was a drunk frail old woman and when I met her she told me of the times before they were split up and how 'they' almost died in a fire when they were young. I think they did die, and realizing their potential for evil, the devil sent them back. And now.... I'm just like them..... ...read more.

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