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My Beautician hand book - Basic skincare. How make-up should be applied to different faces.

Extracts from this document...


My Beautician hand book Contents page Basic Skincare You Should Know..............................................Page 1 1. Basic Skincare You Should Know Basic skincare day routine: 1. Cleanse (morning and evening) 2. Toner 3. Moisturizer 4. Sun protection (prevents any pigmentation from forming). Weekly routine: 1. Exfoliate (once or twice per week). This ensures that all the dead skin cells are removed from the surface of your skin and it also improves your skin circulation. 2. Mask (once or twice per week, depending on your skin type and the type of mask.) Preparing your face for make-up: 1. Wash face with a cleanser depending on your skin type. 2. Tone 3. Put on some eye cream 4. Day moisturizer 5. Make sure your client is comfortable. 6. Put a headband and "bib" on your client so that no make-up spills on her. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.universityofmakeup.com/portfolio/basic-skincare-you-should-know/ Page 1 2. Overview of Makeup and Tools a Makeup Artist Need 1. Natural sea sponge *?This is difficult to get hold of, comes directly out of the sea. *?It is non - absorbent and it's used to apply foundation. *?Wash with cold water only. 2. Latex sponge *?This sponge is used to blend already applied foundation. *?It is made of absorbent material. *?Wash with Soap and water, dry in sun. 3. Powder puff *?It is round with the sides stitched and has a band so that your little finger fit around it. *?This is used to apply loose powder onto your face. *?Wash with Soap and water, dry in sun. 4. Tweezers *?Used to shape eyebrows. *?Sterilize with surgical alcohol. 5. Eyebrow curler *?Always curl your eyelashes BEFORE you apply mascara, otherwise you will break your eyelashes. *?Sterilize with surgical alcohol. 6. Foundation brush *?This brush is used to apply foundation. *?Most foundation brushes that you find are flat and the hair has a round shaped edge. *?Other foundation brushes like the ones from MAC are bigger and fuller with a flat edge. ...read more.


http://www.universityofmakeup.com/portfolio/corrective-makeup-on-different-nose-shapes/ 49. Corrective Makeup on Different Jaw Lines Description in Brief: For a very strong jaw line you must do shading on your jaw line and highlighting underneath. For a weak jaw line that cannot be seen, you must highlight the jaw and do shading underneath. 50. Corrective Makeup on Different Cheekbones Description in Brief: *?When your cheekbones are not that visible, always remember to apply blush underneath them and highlighter onto them. *?If your client has high cheekbones, then the blush must be applied onto the cheekbones with the highlighter just underneath your cheekbones. *?If you want have your face appear narrower then the blush must be applied closer to your nose. *?If you have a small face and wants to make it appear wider, then you must apply the blush a bit further from your nose. 51. Corrective Makeup on Different Lip Shapes Steps in brief: Small Lips *?To make small lips appear bigger, apply the lip liner just outside your natural lip line. *?Use light and glossy lipstick - this will create the illusion that your lips are fuller. Fuller Lips *?To make fuller lips appear smaller, you must apply the lip liner on the inside of your natural lip line. Use dark and matte lipstick - this will create the illusion that your mouth is smaller. 52. Corrective Makeup on Different Forehead Shapes Steps in brief: High Forehead *?If your client has a high forehead then you must do shading all around the hairline. Small Forehead *?If your client has a small forehead then your must highlight all around her hairline. 53. How to Give a Makeup Lesson Description in brief: *?In a make-up lesson you will personally teach your client / clients how to apply make-up for casual occasions, work and special occasions. *?You will also show your client how to go from day to evening makeup. *?Ask your client to bring her daily make-up along so that you can give advice on the products that she is using. ...read more.


Always use cleansing water, or toner on a cotton pad, to cleanse and soothe the skin in the brow area. Pluck it! Soni says . . . "Any artist will tell you that a bad frame can ruin a masterpiece. The same applies when it comes to the eyes. Overgrown, unkempt and unruly brows make poor frames for the eyes, whereas those which are well groomed, structured, and defined in shape enhance them." Beauty Secrets Exposed, Series 1, Part 3 Figure A How to determine where brows should begin and end. Makeup artist tip Less is more with brow plucking. Tweeze slowly and with caution. Glance from brow to brow regularly to ensure they are as symmetrical as possible. Don't pluck too heavily, because if you have to grow your brows back it seems to take forever. Makeup artist tip Does the pain drive you insane? Pull the skin taut when plucking. If it is still painful, try a numbing product on the area before you begin. Makeup artist tip If you are right-handed, start by tweezing the left brow first because this side will be more difficult to do. Once the left brow is complete, mimic it on the right side. Eyebrows not identical? This is normal. As long as your eyebrows are similar in shape it's fine-so don't panic if one of your eyebrows has a scar through it, has sparser hair growth, or arches slightly more than the other. Sparse or short brows? Fill or elongate them with an eyebrow pencil. Warm it on the back of your hand first and then use short, upward strokes to fill any gaps or add length. Otherwise, for more sweeping definition, lightly apply brow powder in an outward direction with a small, angled brush. Opt for a color that is one shade lighter than your brows and build it up for a natural finish. Wild brows? Groom the brows by brushing them upwards with a brow brush; then, hold them in place with brow gel or wax. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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