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My Christmas 08

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* My Christmas 2008 When I woke up early morning Friday 19. December the first thought that crossed my mind was that finally, today we were getting free from school! This holiday was going to be amazing! Time went on and suddenly I got home from school and the days without homework, early mornings and tired hours were finally over! ...read more.


My neighbour, a good friend of mine also showed up late at night, and he stayed with us a little while we watched a movie and talked. At the first day of Christmas my whole family, including my uncles, aunts with their family. My cousins are so fun to be around, so I had a really good day. Christmas is the best holiday. At least that's what I think. Next day I went shopping with two of my friends. ...read more.


The days went faster then ever, and suddenly it was new years eve! I spent this night only with my family. We ate good food, and the night turned out to be real nice. After this night the holiday was going to an end, and before we knew it, suddenly it was Monday and back to school. I really loved this holiday. I had a good time with my family and my friends that I care about a lot. They're the best. Hoping it will be just as good next year. Ida Henriette Dalsj´┐Ż ...read more.

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