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My Shadow Day at Sacred Heart Academy

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My Shadow Day at Sacred Heart Academy On Tuesday, October 2, 2007, I visited Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden, CT. I met Phoebe Wright, a freshman at Sacred Heart and an alumnus of St. Thomas Aquinas. I shadowed Phoebe AKA followed her around Sacred Heart for the day to see what the school, students, and teachers are like. The day before, I was excited and nervous. I was not sure what to expect. I wondered what high school would be like. Would the students be nice? Are the teachers nice? How big is the school? Do high school students receive a lot of homework? ...read more.


It was brilliant! The number of books in the library was phenomenal! After 1st period, there was a school-wide break. This means, the students had the opportunity to have a snack or drink in the caf�. In addition, it gives the girls an opportunity to catch up with each other. It also gave me an opportunity to try the caf�'s famous cookies. They are delicious! Once break finished, we headed to Phoebe's second period class. Phoebe has math 2nd period on Tuesdays. Her math teacher is Mrs. Vitale. She allowed me to participate during the class too! I felt like I was wanted there and I belonged. ...read more.


The reason why the girls had cake was in honor of a book they read in class about a poor British boy growing up during the Victorian era. The cake was homemade and delicious! Sadly, the end of the day came. I was so sad to leave. I said my good-bye to Phoebe and the other girls and my mom picked me up and brought me home. I had so much fun and learned so much. I really liked Sacred Heart Academy. The teachers and girls went out of their way for me and help me in any way they could. It made me feel good because I felt like I belonged there. I cannot wait until I go to high school! ...read more.

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