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KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 202 1) The sector in which your organisation operates. * The sector in which my organisation operates is the voluntary sector and operates within the Loughborough area. 2) Your organisation's mission and purpose. * My organisation's mission is to provide a professional donation and collection service for used furniture and electrical items. These are then sold at a discounted price to those whom have been referred by charities, The Bridge Housing Advice Centre, Loughborough and local government agencies i.e. Charnwood borough council, Housing services. * Help the environment by recycling furniture and electrical items by saving them going into a land fill or being broken up. * Providing volunteers with the skills and confidence to get back into work if necessary. * Providing training, work placements and advice interviews to the local community and organisations. 3) How your organisation compares to other organisations in the sector. * There are a few other charitable organisations that do a similar service to the community like SOFA within Leicestershire. For instance there is the Melton And District Furniture Project but there are some differences between the Melton And District Furniture Project and Sofa for instance the SOFA Project has four full time staff. Where as the Melton And District Furniture Project has no full time staff but has five part time members of Staff. The SOFA Project is open Mondays to Thursdays and Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm. Where as the Melton and District Furniture Project is only open Tuesdays to Fridays 9:00am to 1:00 pm for the general public and Mondays to Fridays 9:00am to 1:00pm for staff and volunteers. * The Melton and District Furniture Project also do not accept large electrical items such as fridges, fridge freezers and electrical cookers. Where as the SOFA Project does. The SOFA Project also accepts televisions and microwave ovens where as the Melton And District Furniture Project does not. ...read more.


KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 202 * Work out with them a delivery date and check on stairs etc. as normal. Put the delivery day and date on their form. Give the customer the bottom copy * with information about the delivery. Then put the form in the corresponding tray as normal. 7) How to apply your organisation's values and policies. * You should make sure you know what your organisation's values are by obtaining a copy of the policies and talking to your supervisor and or manager about what the company's values are. * You should identify which policies are directly related to your job and position and then put them into practice as part of your work. * Watch an experienced team member and take note of how they handle difficult situations. * Everyone that you deal with i.e. customers, work colleagues, callers with respect and dignity. * Any instructions that are work related should be carried out, no matter what you might think of them. If you think they could be improved then you should talk to your supervisor or manager. * Thank people whom help you and always try to return the favour when you can. 8) Who should you consult if you are unsure about policies, objectives, systems and values * The first person should be your immediate superior and if after that you are still unsure you should then talk to your manager. 9) Which aspects of employment are covered by law? * Health and safety at work * Data protection * Employment rights and responsibilities * Pensions and pay 10) Any industry-specific legislation and regulations that are relevant to your role. * Equal Pay Act 1970 * Health and safety and welfare regulations 1992 * Display screen equipment regulations 1992 * Health and safety at work 1974 * Sex Discrimination Act 1975 * Disability Discrimination Act 1995 * Race Relations Act 1976 * Employment Rights act 1996 KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ...read more.


* One of the methods to check information that staff are downloading or are looking at on the internet that companies use are keystroke programs these keep a record of every keystroke made by staff from the moment they log on to the moment they log off. * But this doing this is a breach of the employee's human rights, to get around and solve this problem the Information Commissioner has drawn up some codes of practice that relate to this. * The data protection act says that your employer cannot monitor you without your knowledge unless there is reasonable grounds to suspect you of unlawful activates. However a lot of organisations issue staff with a copy of their IT policy that tells employee's what monitoring is in place. * Or they put in into the employee's contract of employment in that case if you break the rules by downloading programs or surfing the internet. Then you could be disciplined or in the worst case scenario dismissed from their employment. * There will also depending on the type of organisation that you work for, be rules and procedures that you have to follow, in relation to vetting customers, for instance on the telephone asking for proof of identity. Automated systems can ask a customer to enter his account number. Then an employee will ask for further details, such as mother's maiden name, date of birth etc to confirm who is on the telephone. 27) The procedures you should follow if you have concerns about security and confidentiality . * If you have a concern about security and or confidentiality, depending on how large the concern is you should either take action yourself. I.e. if a window is left open before you go home. Or if a fellow employee's computer is left logged on by mistake. * If however your concern is greater then you should go to your supervisor and or manager and voice your concern. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephen Millman Page 1 19/08/2009 ...read more.

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