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KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NVQ BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2: MODULE 219 1) The different features of telephone systems and how to use them. There are various different features of a telephone system of which these are some. * Call back: This enables you to automatically redial an engaged number or extension when it is free, this saves you from having to keep trying to dial that number or extension. * Call forwarding: This allows you to redirect calls from your extension to another one; on some systems, it can be set up to redirect calls to an outside number or a mobile phone if necessary. * Interrupt: This tells you that another call is waiting for you if you are on the telephone, (on most telephone systems, you hear a beep) then you can speed up your current call or arrange to telephone them back. Then answer and deal with the incoming call. * Last number redial: This automatically redials the last number that was dialled from the phone you are at. * Message waiting: A light or a beep will show you or tell you that a message is waiting for you. * On hold/reminder, call holding: On hold enables incoming calls to be held whilst the person for whom the call is for is found. Reminder call holding lets you know that the caller is still waiting on the . ...read more.


6) Why it is important to summarize the outcomes of a telephone conversation before ending a call. * Because if you have been talking to someone for a while and especially if you are discussing various options or topics. It is very possible that you could lose track of what was decided or agreed. Summarizing the outcome of the telephone call helps overcome this. Also if you are taking down a list of items or a name, address and telephone number. Summarizing this helps reduce the possibility of mistakes, i.e. wrong address or telephone number. 7) How to follow your organization's procedures when making a receiving calls. Making phone calls * To make an internal call, press the button that corresponds to the office you wish to call. These buttons are the 12 rectangular buttons at the top of the phone. They are labelled with the place they will call. You will probably only ever need to call Rosemary (in her office) or Suzanne (in the training office). * To make external calls, lift the receiver then press "Line 3" or "9" to phone out on the secondary line (the one used for sending faxes). Then dial the phone number you want to call like you would on a normal telephone. * If the secondary line is busy and you can press "Line 1" to phone out on the main phone line. ...read more.


Voicemail: This enables a person to leave a message for a caller whom can listen to this and then if need be, leave his or her own message. ii. Answering machines: This also enables a person to leave a message for a caller whom can listen to this and then if need be, leave his or her own message, except that the message is more generalised. iii. 1571: This is an answering service which for a small amount of money can be customised with a personal message by the account holder. This can be useful for small business which can quickly check messages that have been left, as well as the number of callers who rung but did not leave a message. iv. Answering Services: These are organisations that will receive calls and take messages and then provide a daily summary. Which they will either fax or e-mail to their clients. v. Paper Messages: These are the traditional method of recording and delivering messages, left by a caller. When the person for whom the person is meant is away, or otherwise engaged. They may be written on onto a printed form and covers the relevant facts that need to be included. Or they can be put on a form on your computer and printed out. 15). Why it is important to keep your message system up to date. * Because there is no point in having a message system unless the messages are checked and dealt with regularly, otherwise you might miss something urgent or important. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephen Millman Page 1 19/08/2009 ...read more.

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